(Clearwisdom.net) The Fourth Ward guards at the Shandong Provincial Women's Second Forced Labor Camp have been persecuting Dafa practitioners for many years now using torture, threats, intimidation, coercion, etc. Several times a week the guards attempt to brainwash the practitioners by having them attend a so-called "legal system study" class.

The practitioners are forced to write a weekly and monthly summary report outlining what they've learned during these brainwashing classes. They are also subjected to written and oral exams, question and answer sessions, and psychological testing. If a practitioner refuses to give up his belief in Dafa, he is not allowed to use the restroom, brush his teeth, wash up, sleep, or even talk.

The following persecution cases have all occurred at the Shandong Provincial Women's Second Forced Labor Camp and are typical examples of how Dafa practitioners are treated in China's forced labor camps. However, there are many reported and unreported torture cases much worse than these.

Ms. Li Xiumei lives in Laixi, Qingdao City and is currently imprisoned at this Shandong forced labor camp. One day the guards shackled Ms. Li's arms to a prison cell window for seven days and nights, with her feet barely touching the ground. Suddenly the shackles became loose and sprung open. Ms. Li immediately collapsed on the floor from pain, hunger, and exhaustion.

When the guards saw her lying there, they rushed over and started beating her. Fearing that their actions would be leaked to the outside during the Olympic Games, they secretly transferred her to another forced labor camp on September 20, 2008. Almost all detainees in this new camp were Dafa practitioners.

That same day, the Fourth Ward guards swapped a few of the practitioners they were holding for a large group of criminal inmates held at the Jinan Municipal Women's First Forced Labor Camp. After undergoing some training, the inmates were ordered to carefully monitor the practitioners.

Ms. Shi Wenjing, who lives in Weifang City, was imprisoned in this same Shandong forced labor camp on September 20, 2008. Immediately the Fourth Ward guards tried to "reform" her, allowing her only several hours of sleep per day, for the first few days.

When Ms. Shi refused to give up her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the guards incited the inmates to beat her and restrict her movements. They also did not allow her to sleep, brush her teeth, wash up, and even refused to supply her with toilet paper.

In addition, Ms. Shi was forced to stand in front of an open window until the end of October, when it was bitterly cold outside. There is no indication that the guards have stopped torturing Ms. Shi like this, as it difficult to get information in or out of these camps.

Ms. Yao Qiuhong lives in Zhouge Village, Songcun Town, Wendeng, Weihai City. After being on a hunger strike for over twenty days at a detention center, she was taken to the Shandong Provincial Women's Second Forced Labor Camp.

When she arrived, she was held down and beaten by the Fourth Ward guards Yang Jinhong, Wu Xiuli, Liu Qing, Fan Naifeng and others (all female), who specifically targeted sensitive areas on her body such as her breasts and genital area. The guards repeatedly kicked her genital area with their heavy leather boots, making her bleed.

On September 19, 2008 she was again mercilessly beaten for not giving up her beliefs. Sun Hua, one of the female guards that tortured Ms. Yao, is a cruel and merciless political instructor whose specific job is to persecute Dafa practitioners.

During her last beating, Ms. Yao suffered numerous cuts and bruises all over her body and lost consciousness on the spot. When the guards called in a medical doctor to examine her, the doctor told them that Ms. Yao had hepatitis and could not withstand any further beating, otherwise she could die. Only then did the guards stop beating her.

However, the guards tortured Ms. Yao even more fiercely by depriving her of sleep. They assigned a few inmates to monitor everything she did, including eating, drinking, and urinating. In this way they effectively kept her awake for forty-three days and nights. Even though the guards eventually gave up on trying to "reform" Ms. Yao, they still monitored her day and night.

Ms. Yang Yuhua lives in Huantai County, Zibo City and is currently imprisoned in the Shandong Provincial Women's Second Forced Labor Camp. Police officers from the Xincheng Town Police Station, Huantai County, Zibo City regularly shock her with electric batons, beat her with clubs, kick her with their leather shoes, and torture her by strapping her to a modified "electric chair." There are now some places on Ms. Yang's body where her skin is missing.

Xu Chengming (female) who lives in Nanqiao Village, Zetou Town, Wendeng, Weihai City and Gao Jinzhi (female) who lives in Wendeng, Weihai City have both enlightened along an evil path. Not only have they betrayed Master Li and Dafa, but they now work hard at trying to "reform" practitioners at the forced labor camp.

Both Xu and Gao bought a set of books slandering Dafa and signed an agreement with the Fourth Ward guards saying that they would help the guards "transform" practitioners. The pair are scheduled to be released soon.