(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhu Zhilin, 45, was sentenced to one year of forced labor in January 2008. Recently, he was beaten by inmates at Xishanping Forced Labor Camp and hospitalized. His injuries were so bad that he could not eat any food and could only drink milk. The details of his case are as follows:

Labor camp authorities divided and detained practitioners into the "regular" ward or the "strictly-monitored" ward. The practitioners in the strictly-monitored ward were followed by selected inmates even when they went to the restroom or went to wash their face, and were not allowed to leave their cells. Practitioners detained in the regular ward had relatively more freedom. Mr. Zhu Zhilin was put in the regular ward. This meant that he could go to the other ward to play chess with other practitioners. On the night of November 10, 2008, while Mr. Zhu was playing chess, guard Fu, who was on duty, told inmate Peng Liang that practitioners were not allowed to travel to the ward. So Peng told Mr. Zhu to go back to his own ward. As Mr. Zhu walked back to his ward, he was abused by Peng, who smelled of alcohol. Once they arrived, Peng began to abuse the ward chief. Mr. Zhu spoke up in protest.

Inmate Peng then punched Mr. Zhu in the face. Zhu fell down, bloodied. Someone then dragged Mr. Zhu to the office to have the conflict resolved. As Mr. Zhu was moving down the hallway, Peng took his head and slammed it into the rail. As a result, Mr. Zhu developed a large lump on his temple. In the office, it was discovered that Mr. Zhu's nose was broken and blood was gushing from the wound. That same night, Mr. Zhu was taken to the hospital affiliated with the labor camp to have the bleeding stopped, but he was not permitted to stay in the hospital.

On November 11, 2008, Mr. Zhu did not eat or drink for the whole day. On November 12, he was taken to the hospital again but this time was allowed to stay in the hospital. Later, at the request of Mr. Zhu and his family, he was taken to the No. 9 People's Hospital for a check-up, but his family was not allowed to accompany him. At the beginning, the physicians said that his condition was only trauma and was not a big deal. After the check-up, the physicians said that there was no obvious abnormality in his brain. But Mr. Zhu felt dizzy and did not have any appetite. Now, after more than 20 days, he still cannot eat, and can only drink some milk each day.

Mr. Zhu was severely injured for no reason, and Peng Liang did not receive any sort of punishment. The guards intentionally avoided their responsibilities. When Mr. Zhu's family members went to the hospital to visit him, the guards just wore casual clothes instead of their uniforms. In this way, the guards indicated that they only represented themselves, that the incident was only between Mr. Zhu and Peng Liang, and had nothing to do with the labor camp. When the guards asked Mr. Zhu to recount what happened, Zhu mentioned that he smelled alcohol on Peng, but the guards were unwilling to write this fact down.

The authorities at the labor camp have abused all kinds of inmates, including drug addicts, burglars and con-men, mainly by overworking them. But in the Education Group, the labor is lighter than in other groups. Many non-practitioner inmates were placed in the Education Group as a result of personal connections or bribes. A number of inmates in the Education Group said that they had people helping them behind-the-scenes or paid a protection fee to the guards. Although no one knows whether Peng Liang paid a protection fee, it is worth noting that Peng's father is a chief prosecutor. Peng beats people almost every month, but has gone without any punishment. For example, in August 2008, he dragged practitioner Mr. Tang Yi, who had been on a hunger strike for several months, by the hand to his cell, and threw him close to the chamberpot. The other guards on duty ignored his actions. As a result, Mr. Tang's right shoulder was dislocated and has not recovered yet. Administration authorities investigated the event, but did not come to a conclusion.

In September 2008, Peng beat Zhang Xiukang, the No. 3 Group head (inmate), and gave him a bloody nose. In October 2008, Mr. Tang Quan from the No. 5 Group had his head grabbed by Peng and shoved to the ground. In November 2008, Peng beat Mr. Zhu, who was then hospitalized.

Recently, the Education Group has not been given any production tasks, so the inmates have been looking for trouble and abusing practitioners.

Administration of Xishanping Forced Labor Camp: 86-23-89090028
Liu Hua, head of administration
Mao (given name unknown), deputy head of administration
No.2 Ward of Seventh Group (Education Group): 86-23-89090025
Wang Jing, head of No.2 Ward
Wang Xianhua, Hu Yuejin: deputy head of the No.2 Ward
Li Yong, political head: 86-13108983459 (cell)
Chen Denghai, administration guard
Yan Fei, Education Group guard