(Clearwisdom.net) Despite tribulations over the past few years, the Fa-rectification has reached the present stage. But the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still rampantly arresting our fellow practitioners. Whenever I hear that a fellow practitioner has been arrested, I feel a deep and painful sense of loss.

As we all know, the old forces have arranged for the CCP to do its evil deeds ever since1945. The people in China have suffered greatly at the hands of the CCP, and fear is deeply rooted in their hearts. At the same time, CCP rule has changed people so that many of them dare not follow their consciences, stand up for justice, and make a rational choice between right and wrong. Instead, they choose to protect themselves, and this is exactly how the old forces have arranged to destroy sentient beings.

Soon to be the new cosmos' lives, created by Dafa, we practitioners do not acknowledge this persecution. We cannot let the evil persecute our fellow practitioners unchecked. As for everyday people, we cannot expect too much. Their attitudes will usually change due to our influence.

If we can help everyday people see that while studying the Fa well, doing well the three things, and validating the Fa, we are safe and sound and are able to keep a good balance between our relationships with family and the society, we will be exhibiting the solemnity and sacredness of Dafa. At the same time we will increase the confidence that our family members, relatives, and friends have in Dafa.

I know of a fellow practitioner in Beijing, who during the past few years has been a target of persecution. Her residence has been ransacked many times. She herself has been taken away many times, but each time she has miraculously returned because of her steadfast faith in Dafa. In her house, she has hung a portrait of Master in a place of honor. When you speak to her, you can sense her optimism and her confidence in Dafa. When it is time to send forth righteous thoughts, she always does so with serious concentration for fifteen minutes. She also practices the exercises and studies the Fa every day. She stays awake until late at night to accomplish these things. She also frequently goes out to distribute truth clarifying materials. Her family members who are not practitioners often help her with tasks to validate Dafa.

In contrast, there is also the case where a practitioner's family members were initially very supportive of Falun Gong, but when the practitioner was arrested and the family members were implicated, their attitude changed drastically. In one case, divorce was the end result, although there also may have been other reasons.

What I wanted to say to fellow practitioners is to please study the Fa well and have stronger righteous thoughts. If the whole body of practitioners cooperates better, we will be able to more effectively offer salvation to sentient beings. It will help sentient beings accept and be confident about Dafa. This is because our safety is not just about ourselves; it affects the attitudes and choices made by sentient beings, and it influences the hopes and expectations that the sentient beings hold for us.