(Clearwisdom.net) August 20, 2007, marked the 13th anniversary of our great Master's Fa lectures in Yanbian. The lectures were held at the Yanji Gymnasium, and nearly four thousand people attended. During the lectures, a couple and their two children from a village in Shandong Province sat next to me. The older child was five, and the younger was two. I asked them how they had traveled so far. To attend the lectures, they took a long train ride on hard seats.

Before I attended the Falun Dafa lectures, I had not taken any other qigong classes, and I knew very little about Buddhas, Taos, and Gods. I did not see anything with my Celestial Eye, but whenever Master entered the facility to lecture, He seemed to be shining with boundless brilliance. Master was very strong and tall, and he sat there smiling. He looked very much like a big Buddha. Master never used any lecture notes. He only took out a small piece of paper from his pocket, and Fa emanated from his mouth as from the pen of a master. He talked from the elementary to the profound and conveyed the profound Fa principles to ordinary people. These ordinary people's minds and bodies changed from their very foundations.

August 1994 was very hot, and the poorly ventilated Yanbian Gymnasium was not air conditioned. I noticed that our compassionate Master did not drink any water, although there was a bottle of water on the podium. He did not mop his brow. I still recall clearly that there were almost four thousand people, ranging from two-year-olds to eighty-year-olds. When Master gave the lectures, the audience was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. I was really awestruck. Whenever Master was present, there was no need to maintain order, and there was no noise. Such a situation could not be found anywhere else in China. This was the field of Dafa. This was the most righteous field, which could restrain people from all the bad thoughts and actions.

In the last lecture, Master answered questions. Some people asked very tricky questions. I thought they were giving Master a hard time, but Master patiently and competently answered all questions with the demeanor of an enlightened being. I could not detect any impatience in Master. Master could clearly explain everything in the universe, and he could infuse every word deep into your heart. The students always felt that Master was our compassionate father.

Finally I saw for the first time Master move his hands to turn the big Falun. Tears came to my eyes. I can hardly express that kind of brilliance, that kind of dignity, that kind of majesty, that kind of greatness. My entire soul, my entire life was lifted up and merged into the turning of the universe.

There is one other thing that I cannot forget. Master's eight-day lecture series in Yanji City took place in the rainy season, and it rained nearly every day. However, students that attended the lecture never got wet, because the rain would not start until we had all sat down in the gym, and Master was ready to start lecturing. The rain would quit when his lecture finished and resume once we had reached home. Such sequences occurred several times. How miraculous!

The fees for the Falun Dafa lectures were nominal, by far the lowest for qigong classes nationwide. Even so, during the opening ceremony of the Yanji lectures, Master donated 7,000 yuan to the Yanji Red Cross Association. All the students at the lecture were very touched. Master reminded us very often in the lectures that we should be good people, and even better people, until we become totally altruistic. Master's every action was a paragon for us to aspire to.

On August 28, Master finished the lectures in Yanji. In the evening I happened to be at the train station seeing a relative off to Shanghai. I saw Master not far away. He seemed very much at peace. I was excited and wanted to kowtow to Master, I wanted to greet and pay my respects to Him. Suddenly my mind went totally blank. I did not know what to say. As I was waiting at the platform for the train, Master was smiling and quiet. When the train pulled into the station, Master waved his hand slightly and told us, "Please go home now." Then he stepped agilely onto the train.

Looking at Master's back, tears welled in my eyes. This was the Master I saw. He was peaceful, quiet, and sublime. He evoked profound respect. Master was like a very close relative, so simple and so honest.