(Clearwisdom.net) After carefully reading all articles of the "Let's End the Persecution Now" sharing, the Fa principles gradually became clear to me. Upon comparing my own cultivation, I was able to eliminate some muddled understandings. I feel that these understandings possibly have universality, so I would like to share the following with fellow practitioners.

All the misconceptions listed below once existed in my heart at different levels and to differing degrees:

  1. Tribulations are meant to happen and are inevitable.
  2. The Fa is immense, so the evil tests may also be great.
  3. We should validate the Fa even during tribulations.
  4. Cultivation must proceed through tribulations; large tribulations may indicate, the high cultivation levels and mighty virtue.
  5. Tribulations may also be encountered while offering salvation to sentient beings; people saved during tribulations are genuinely good people.
  6. Practitioners who have taken the wrong path must make up for their losses through enduring tribulations, and return to Dafa; tribulations can't be stopped immediately.
  7. Many practitioners have not stepped forward; tribulations can't end immediately.
  8. Not enough sentient beings have gained salvation, so it is impossible to end the tribulations immediately.
  9. Evil lives that can't be saved can only be exposed during tribulations and be eliminated in the future.
  10. As far as ending the persecution, we are helpless and can only wait for Teacher to rectify the Fa in the human world. Only when Teacher rectifies the human world can the persecution end simultaneously.

I realize now that most of these understandings actually comply with the arrangements of the old forces, are in no way acknowledged by Teacher. We must thoroughly deny all of them. Especially number 10. Almost every practitioner around me thinks that way. I remember Teacher once pointed out that we should not count on everyday people. The sentient beings are counting on us! However, we actually count on Teacher, sometimes forget our own important missions, and thereby disappoint Teacher and don't follow his requirements.

During the Fa-rectification today, we must be clear minded, save more sentient beings to the maximum level, which also harmonizes with what Teacher wants! At the same time, we must do the three things well and together send out the strong righteous thought: "Immediately end the persecution!" In addition, we must use any means possible to strive forward and achieve this goal as soon as possible.