(Clearwisdom.net) In the earlier days of the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners, I didn't know what righteous thoughts and righteous actions really meant. I only felt very angry and was strongly against the persecution. I was neither afraid nor timid, and I kept telling people that Falun Dafa was good. Everyone I met--a local official, a colleague, a relative, a friend, a merchant or anyone else--I told them the true facts about Dafa. Many people knew that I practiced Falun Gong after the persecution started. It is Dafa that rescued me from death. Most people understand Dafa and are sympathetic towards Dafa practitioners.

One night the authorities began a wide search for Dafa practitioners. They ransacked their houses and took them away. They also broke into my house. At the time I had many Dafa books and materials in plain view. The sudden search stunned me. I didn't know how to react. But I had one thought, "There is nothing wrong in cultivating Dafa. I will definitely not yield to the evil!" At that time I was not afraid at all and loudly denounced the intruders. After arguing with them, they finally said that it was just a routine check and they were just following orders. They left without taking anything. All of the Dafa materials and books had been protected and were not taken. Since then, not a single evil person has ever stepped into my house to harass me.

During the summer holidays in 2006, the local government organized a "Culture Festival." One of the programs was the "Big Chorus of Ten Thousand People." Students were forced to take part in this activity during their summer vacation, including my child. My child is a Dafa disciple and was against the content of the "Big Chorus," because all the songs selected praised the evil Chinese Communist Party. One afternoon my son said to me with concern that he didn't really want to participate, but that the teacher wouldn't let him out of it. There seemed to be no way out. He was asking me what to do. I said, "Don't worry. As long as your thoughts are righteous, Master will arrange everything for you." That night after school he told me, "This afternoon the teacher said that the number of the students participating has exceeded the quota. Those who didn't want to participate could leave. I was the first one to leave! Thank you, Master!"

During lunch on the day of the performance, we discussed stopping the show, so as no to let it poison sentient beings. "We will send righteous thoughts, so it will rain tonight and stop the show." About five o'clock in the afternoon it really began to rain heavily, with lightening and thunder filling the sky. About an hour before the show, the rain stopped but the sky did not clear. Dark clouds hung overhead. People sheltering themselves from the rain began to walk back out onto the street which again became noisy. I didn't give up. Show time had not yet arrived. I did not stop sending righteous thoughts. I continued for about one hour. In the area where I live I still didn't see any signs of rain. Yet the dark clouds hadn't disappeared from where the show would be held, either. Just as I was doubting why, my child came back and said that the show had been canceled due to the rain. I said, "No, the rain in our area stopped a long time ago. Where is the rain?" He said, "It didn't rain here, but it poured at the site of the show!" So once again righteous thoughts defeated the evil.

I understand more clearly now. In an evil atmosphere Dafa disciples must believe in Master and in the Fa, truly do the three things well, keep strong righteous thoughts, and return to our original place with Master when we consummate!

August 27, 2007