(Clearwisdom.net) Along the cultivation path we need to keep letting go of various attachments. At the moment, some practitioners still have not abandoned the attachment of fear and have this attachment to varying degrees. Particularly in China, the center of evil, certain practitioners' attachment of fear is still quite strong.

As of July 20, 1999, almost every practitioner had to pass the test of fear. At the time, most practitioners who stated that they had no fear based it on their understanding of the Fa: we have Master, we have the Fa, so what do we have to fear? However, as it was the first time for practitioners to encounter such a big tribulation since obtaining the Fa, most practitioners were unable to thoroughly let go of fear. In other words, practitioners understood the Fa principles, but their minds were unstable. For example, some people fear snakes and will even feel uncomfortable when seeing a totem, toy or picture of a snake, or even when someone mentions the word "snake." Why? They know there is no danger but just have fear and are unable to tell what they fear. When facing evil, some practitioners are like those who have a fear of snakes. Initially, whoever sees a snake will be terrified. This is not strange and is even "normal." However, everything has a certain limit. If our minds are still not solid, even now when we "validate the Fa and expose the evil," we need to find the reason based on the Fa.

A Great Way is without form. We are not supposed to be attached to anything in the human world.

"The Buddha School requires emptiness, and the Tao School teaches nothingness." ("Lecture Three" in Zhuan Falun) "Non-omission is the true essence of emptiness." ("What is Emptiness?" in Essentials for Further Advancement) If we can truly let go of fear, what else do we have to be attached to in this human world?

We should also have a correct attitude toward "death." As Dafa practitioners, we should not casually think about death. While we do not fear death, we should also not be attached to death. Some practitioners would say, "Who would like to die?" So, while we are facing brutal torture, what are we thinking about at that moment? "Dafa practitioners do not fear the brutality of the evil. I will be firm in practicing cultivation. I will still cultivate in Falun Dafa, even if I am beaten to death." All kinds of thoughts like this emerge.

But why don't we think this way: "I have already let go of the various attachments in the human world. But even if I still have some minor attachments, does it matter? (Actually this does not have much to do with the attachments being big or small). I am a Dafa disciple, I have Master Li to guide me! Master has arranged my cultivation path, not you who interfere. I will sever all relationships with you; I do not acknowledge any vows that I made with you. The objective of my life is to simply reach Consummation in Falun Dafa. Whoever interferes with my cultivation path, whoever would commit such sins, will need to repay doubly." At the same time, do not forget to send forth righteous thoughts. I think we will be able to get through it, no matter how difficult the tribulation is.

Let's all think about this: the evil exists because the Fa rectification has not ended yet. The end result of the evil is destruction. We need to be clear about the relationship between Dafa disciples and the elements that interfere with Dafa disciples. How can we unconsciously hand our future to others during the journey on the cultivation path? These words sound serious, but we are all practitioners. If what I said is correct, practitioners who have done such things, please make sure to pay attention. Do not permit the evil any opportunity for taking advantage! Our minds must be righteous. We must be guided by the Fa. Let us together strive forward vigorously on the cultivation path.