(Clearwisdom.net) I became a Dafa practitioner in January of 1999 and I would like to share my experience of eight years of cultivation with fellow practitioners. Teacher said,

"As long as you are righteous in thought and action, there will be no barrier that you can't pass through." (A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru)

This is a truth which I have felt and enlightened to in my cultivation.

On May13, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to appeal, but was arrested by the police and sent to the Beijing Police Station where more than 1,000 Dafa practitioners from all over the country were detained. When we were reciting Lunyu and Hong Yin aloud together, a policeman called me to his office and asked me where I was from. I refused to answer him, so two policemen beat me. I did not scream or cry, but stared at them while continuing to recite Teacher's lectures. Finally, a policeman slapped me violently on both sides of my face. He then grabbed me by the hair and banged my head against the wall. My mouth was bleeding, my ears felt like I was deaf, my head felt like it was exploding, and I was swaying and unable to stand up straight. No words can describe my pain and suffering.

In spite of the above, I had a thought in my main consciousness: "I am Teacher's disciple, how can I be knocked down by the evil? I must stand upright!" Once I became stronger in my mind, the policemen stopped beating me and their attitude changed all of sudden too. They gave me a piece of tissue to wipe the blood off my mouth, and then let me go.

I enlightened to the following: It seemed that the policemen changed their attitude, but actually they did not. It was because Teacher didn't allow them to persecute a Dafa practitioner. At the same time, it was also a test for me to see if I was a qualified practitioner and a true cultivator, and to find out if my appeal for Dafa was out of my pursuit for personal consummation or for validating the Fa, which was a critical test. When I was persecuted, I did not treat the persecution with the heart of fear or with human opinions and did not scream or cry; rather, I followed the standards of a cultivator because I am a disciple of Teacher.

In September 2005, a person found out that I kept a portrait of Teacher at home and reported it to the 610 Office. Later that day, a group of people, including the staff from the local residential committee, the policeman from local police station, and several 610 Office staff came to my home and searched it. They took away my picture of Teacher, all my Dafa books and truth clarification materials, and copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, etc. They also detained me at a daily security monitoring room in the police station, in which I kept sending forth righteous thoughts: "I am Teacher's disciple and will only take the path that Teacher has arranged for me, and I am eliminating the evil and stopping the persecution." In about two or three hours, I was brought to another office upstairs to be questioned. However, I said nothing but kept sending forth righteous thoughts. In the end, they asked me to sign on the list of the stuff they had taken from my home and told me that they would come to get me again the next day. Then they let me go.

Around nine o'clock the next morning, someone brought me to the office of the residential committee where several 610 Office staff were already waiting for me. I looked at them with strong righteous thoughts. One of the policemen (staff of the 610 Office) said to me immediately, "I am very annoyed today and I like beating people." Then he asked me where my copies of the Nine Commentaries came from. I said that I found them somewhere. They didn't believe me, so one policeman hit me on the head with a plastic bottle full of water and kicked me, and another slapped me on the face. Then one policeman dragged me by pulling my neck to the door from my chair and said, "Look, the car is waiting outside. If you don't tell us where the copies came from, I will send you to jail right away, handcuff you and hang you up." He also asked me if I wanted to go to jail. I answered, "I practice Falun Gong and try to be a better person by cultivating my heart and valuing virtue. What kind of crime are you going to charge me for and send me to jail?" The policemen said, "The Communist Party says that Falun Gong is an evil cult, what's your opinion?" I told them firmly, "Objectively speaking, the Communist Party is the one that behaves like an evil cult. Falun Dafa is a righteous cultivation way that teaches the universal law of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." I realized at that moment that when I am validating the Fa, I am also eliminating the evil beings and elements behind the policemen, denying the old forces' arrangements and denying the persecution against me.

Then the policemen continued to threaten me, saying that they would do such-and-such to me unless I revealed where I obtained my copies of the Nine Commentaries. Their threats aimed to move my heart, but I had this thought in my mind: "All that the policemen threatened me with is what I should take lightly as a practitioner." As they saw me unmoved regardless of what they said, they left a phone number for me saying that I could give them a call when I changed my mind. Then they let me go. Thus, I stopped the evil persecution again with steadfast belief in Teacher and the Fa.

In my eight years of Dafa cultivation, I have encountered tests of my faith in the Fa and Teacher during my karma-eliminating period. For example, the skin on my leg became swollen and festered, my lower back and neck bones were painful, and my teeth ached. There was another accident in the summer of 2005 in which I stepped on a broken beer bottle and the broken glass cut deeply into my foot, and blood gushed like fountain. I went through all these things with righteous thoughts and actions.

True faith will encounter trials and tribulations. I realize from my years of cultivation that only with true faith do I understand how precious Dafa is, so that I study the Fa and practice more diligently. Only with true faith will righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Only with true faith can I follow the standard of Dafa and let go of my attachments to eliminate karma and cleanse my body, so that I can improve my xinxing level and break through tribulations, sometimes trials of life and death. Only with true faith can I distinguish right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, and righteous and evil in complicated circumstances by following the Fa and teacher, and in turn, destroy evil and become steadfast in Dafa.