(Clearwisdom.net) Four years ago the Clearwisdom website called on practitioners around to world to send forth righteous thoughts simultaneously four times a day. Many practitioners, me included, have seldom noticed its importance. Some practitioners are late or miss the time, while some others join the group, but approach the responsibility as if they were simply "doing their job." Their state is not very good.

Master emphasized once again in the "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference", the importance of sending-forth righteous thoughts simultaneously.

About five or six years ago I had a dream. A huge snake was chasing me and another person. We ran around everywhere, attempting to escape from it. Several times it almost caught us. We tried really hard to get rid of it. Three years ago I had a similar dream. However, this time I fought it with a sharp sword. At last, it had only the head left. It ran away when I did not notice. I quickly followed it, but it went inside a big gate. Holding on to my sword I opened the gate. I saw it dead in there among a pile of other chaotic things. Happily I thought, "Some other practitioner was really quick. Within a few seconds the snake was gone. I wonder who the practitioner was."

After that the evil forces discovered my loopholes and for a long time persecuted me. I would send-forth righteous thoughts in the detention center every morning. So long as I slacked off only one morning, the prison guards would come and interrogate me. One day several prison guards came. I started to send forth righteous thoughts when they were very close. As a result they felt hopeless and left. They even gave me the "thumbs up" sign.

I was unable to stand up for a long time after leaving the detention center because I did some wrong deeds. I did not send forth righteous thoughts diligently, either. A few days ago I had another dream. I saw a hooligan secretly sneak a big snake through the window while the others and I were sleeping. I screamed when I saw it. At that moment, some practitioners in traditional Chinese dress cut its mouth with a knife. After it came inside, the snake became a huge evil monster with multiple heads in different colors. Some fellow practitioners cut off its numerous heads. It dared not strike back. Suddenly, one of its yellow heads took its body and ran away. I nervously told a fellow practitioner, "It ran away." The practitioner said, "It doesn't matter. Someone from below will catch it." We ran out to watch. It was true that several practitioners were outside waiting for it. There were others like it down there, too. I felt worried because the evil monster was huge, but the fellow practitioners had only small knives. Was it going to work? A few moments later I heard people cheering. The big, evil monster was killed and was lying dead on the ground. This scene was repeated in my dream three times, just like a movie.

One fellow practitioner wrote in the article, "Emphasizing Worldwide Simultaneous Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts,"

"If all practitioners worldwide are sending forth righteous thoughts at the same time, the evil has nowhere to run. Powerful gong and divine devices in other dimensions are chasing down the evil, so the evil beings have nowhere to hide." (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/5/8/85360.html)

I hope that other practitioners like me who have slacked in sending righteous thoughts will quickly catch up. Together we will entirely eliminate the last pieces of the evil beings. Do not push the job of eliminating evil beings that we are supposed to deal with onto other practitioners. The opportunities for us to do things well are limited.