(Clearwisdom.net) On June 28, 2007, practitioner Mr. Han Naijun was illegally detained by the National Security Team of the local Public Security Department because he distributed Falun Gong truth clarifying materials. He was imprisoned in the local detention center and relentlessly persecuted. On October 22, 2007, the local Keerqin District Court illegally tried Mr. Han Naijun without notifying his family, and sentenced him to three years in prison. After making persistent inquiries, his family was told that the court had already settled his case more than a month prior.

Because Mr. Han does not acknowledge the groundless charge, he has now appealed to the Municipal Intermediate Court.

Mr. Han's family demanded the right to serve as his legal representatives to defend his innocence in court, but their request was rejected by the Municipal Intermediate Court. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel even violated the due process of law, stubbornly claiming that criminal cases were not allowed to be defended. After exhausting every avenue to obtain them, Mr. Han's family got copies of the official judicial documents showing that, by law, they had the right to be a citizen's legal representative. But the municipal court quickly communicated with the judicial bureau and immediately invalidated this already-issued documents. In reply to his family's close questioning, the judicial bureau said only that the higher authorities did not permit them to issue such documents.

Contact information:

Zhang Zhihong, presiding judge of the second criminal court of the Municipal Intermediate Court: 86-475-8211060 (Office)
Zhao Zhijun, person handling Mr. Han's case at the criminal court of the Municipal Intermediate Court: 86-475-8229586, 86-13019541964 (Cell)