(Clearwisdom.net) The effort that Falun Dafa practitioners are putting into saving people is hard for non-practitioners to imagine. But some people play tricks on practitioners for their own personal gain. As a Dafa practitioner who wants to save people, the first thing is to understand the Fa and to understand the nature of true compassion. Only when a practitioner understands and cultivates the true meaning of compassion and benevolence can he influence and rescue the world's people. Dafa is merciful, but it also has dignity. When you indulge a non-practitioner's demonic nature, he won't understand the truth and be saved. On the contrary, it could discredit Dafa, which is the same as tolerating that person's sin against Dafa.

Here are two examples: A practitioner went to a market and saw an acquaintance from the same village, so he started to clarify the truth to him. After hearing what the practitioner had to say, the man said, "If you buy me two pounds of rice cake, I will say 'Falun Dafa is good.'" The practitioner then bought two pounds of rice cake for him. The man then took the cake and walked away casually with a smirk and did not say anything. Another example involves a practitioner whose family is not particularity well off. A neighbor knew that she practiced Falun Dafa and decided to borrow money from her. The neighbor said, "You practitioners are supposed to be good people and ought to help those in need. I am having difficulty now, so you should help me." This practitioner herself was barely making a living, but to keep this man from saying anything negative about Dafa, she found other people to lend him several thousand yuan. When the practitioner later asked for the money back, the man said, "You cultivate Dafa and should help others to the end. Why do you want money back after you gave it to me?" He denied that it was borrowed money and refused to pay it back. This practitioner was thereby put in a very difficult situation.

I cannot agree with what these two practitioners did. When we clarify the truth to people, they have to decide which path to take. If we act as these two practitioners did, not only do we not save the people, but we push them even further down. We indulge their demonic nature, and the result can be difficulties for us. When we are doing the three things, we need to constantly clear the evil factors behind others, suppress their demonic nature, and allow their good sides to surface.

I believe we should guide people positively when we clarify the truth so that their good natures can reveal themselves. They will then approve of Dafa and understand that Dafa practitioners are truly saving them. Only then can they be saved.