(Clearwisdom.net) My son, Hong Yang, is seven now. I never paid much attention to studying the Fa with him in the past because he always played while listening to Master's Fa lectures and was a bit absentminded. Although children are different from adults, still, I felt that his mindset was incorrect. I simply gave up on him eventually, thinking he would only obtain however much he could.

A few young practitioners were learning Hong Yin together on one occasion. I asked them who could recite any of the poems. Hong Yang said he could, so I asked him to go ahead, and, indeed, he recited several. He even recited the long one, "The Knowing Heart." I was really surprised. I asked him when he had learned the poems. He said, "You used to recite these poems for me at bedtime, so I remembered them." He also told me that he could even recite parts of Lunyu. What he said made me feel really guilty. I sensed that I had failed to fulfill my responsibility due to my own notions. I had always treated him as a child instead of as one of Master's young disciples and had never seriously studied the "Fa" with him. I decided to read Zhuan Falun with him.

Things progressed slowly at the beginning, because Hong Yang could not recognize many of the characters in the book. He would ask me what this character or that character meant. Gradually I became impatient and complained, "Why can't you pay more attention? I just told you and you have already forgotten!" My critical remarks annoyed him. Hong Yang would sometimes give up studying. I realized my own inappropriate notions and calmed down.

Studying the Fa with Hong Yang made me realize that whenever I treated him as a child, the state of our Fa-study was not very good. I would tend to lose my temper when his behavior did not conform to my expectations. I thought that, since I am the parent, he must listen to me unconditionally and must do as I say.

However, after a period of studying the Fa together with my son, much of my hidden demon nature was eliminated. Now I no longer treat him as a child, but as one of Master's young disciples. Since he was born to me, I have the responsibility to raise him well and help him study and Fa and obtain the Fa, so that his lifetime will be worthwhile. When I study the Fa with Hong Yang in this state of mind, my tone and attitude change as well. I can tolerate his shortcomings and kindly share my views and communicate with him. Hong Yang has also become more polite and considerate of others. This is what we have achieved from studying the Fa together.

Now we are up to Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun. Hong Yang can read faster than before and makes fewer mistakes in his reading.

I have written my experience in the hope that other young practitioners can also study the Fa with their parents, so that they can strive forward together.