(Clearwisdom.net) The tenth Holiday Wonders show--the last show performed in the Beacon Theatre by the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) of New York--ended in cheers and applause on the evening of Dec. 26, 2007. The audience included Chinese Americans from all walks of life as well as people of different races and backgrounds. Among them were some of the world's most outstanding artists and VIPs in the cultural field. They showered the show with praise. For example, renowned violinist Soovin Kim said, "Without doubt, it is a great show!"

The tenth Holiday Wonders show ended in cheers and applause on the evening of Dec. 26, 2007.

The audience

The audience

The audience

The audience

The internationally renowned brass quintet felt honored to be part of the show with the Divine Performing Arts.

Outstanding Artists Praise Holiday Wonders

Renowned Violinist Soovin Kim said he studied history at Yale. The show had brought historical figures alive. There was no doubt it was a great show!

Christine Walevska, one of the top violoncellists in the world, described the show as the most superb she had ever seen. She said, "Chopstick Zest"and "Drummers of the Tang Court"...the beautiful costumes and music, all were superb! The artists are great talents!"

Dancer Anna Liceica and principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, Nilas Martins, performed in the Holiday Wonders show. Ms. Liceica said she felt very honored to be in the show.

The five members of the internationally renowned Empire Brass Quintet also praised the show, saying they felt very fortunate and honored to be in the show along with the great artists of the DPA.

Master pianist Charles Wadsworth kept praising the show after watching it on Dec. 21, and famous violinist Eric Shumsky said the show was very unique, pure and beautiful.

Ted Kavanau, one of the founders of CNN, said the show was very professional.

Famous Dancer: It Displayed Authentic Chinese Culture of Pure Truthfulness, Compassion and Beauty.

The major format of the show was in Chinese classical dance. Ms. Anna Liceica said the characteristics of Chinese classical dance and the spirit of the dancers not only showed the beauty of dance, but also the virtues of traditional Chinese culture. It was very inspiring.

Dancer Deborah Bianculli said the "Drummers of the Tang Court" was very passionate, displaying great masculinity and power.

Chief Editor of Big News: Enlightening for Meaning of Life

Mr. Li Hongkuan, Chief Editor of Big News, said the show was very touching. For example, the lyrics of the songs by Mr. Bai Xue and Mr. Guan Guimin were heart-shaking, convincing and reached the bottom of people's hearts. They enlightened people to the fundamental questions of life. It was very significant for people to have a clear understanding after pondering the essential questions.

Human Rights activist Mr. Wang Juntao said, "I was most touched when I saw God prototyped in Chinese culture sacrificing himself to save the world when the world degenerated."

Elderly Chinese American: Tang Dynasty Drummers Show Integrity of Chinese

Mr. Zhang, an elderly Chinese American, said, "The Tang Dynasty Drummers were heart-shaking. They showed the integrity of the Chinese people."

Ms. Luo Na, a student from China, was very surprised to find such a highly professional, beautiful and traditional show in the west. She was very proud of and touched by her own culture.

Mr. Ron Liu and his wife moved to the U.S. twenty-two year ago. They brought their three children to introduce traditional Chinese culture and art to them. It was the best Christmas gift for their children.

Chinese American student Hermon took his grandmother to the show. He said he was very proud of being Chinese American after watching it.

Ten Shows on Broadway Was a Pioneering Undertaking by Chinese Americans

Mr. Li Hongkuan said it was rare to see a show of such high standards. It spread the traditional culture and ideas, including sincerity, compassion, steadfastness, and harmony between humans and nature. If NTDTV continues the show, more westerners will learn about the Chinese culture, because this format is popular and easy to understand.

Mr. Li said that ten shows of such a huge production on Broadway was a pioneering undertaking because it needed tremendous effort, labor, resources and highly skilled artists.

The next stop of the DPA will be Atlantic City. Five shows will be given there from Dec. 28 to Dec. 30. During the Chinese New Year, the DPA of New York and DPA on Tour will give fifteen Chinese New Year shows in Radio City, to a projected ninety thousand people.