(Clearwisdom.net) Master uses the Holiday Wonders performances to save the sentient beings. When the New York Holiday Wonders shows were about to begin, there was a fierce battle between good and evil, and the New York practitioners were under great pressure. As Master's disciple, I decided to go there to help out.

It was not easy for me to come to New York. I had to break through many barriers. Because I couldn't stay there for long, I had to make the best use of my limited time to help clean out the evil and save the sentient beings.

I took an overnight bus which finally arrived in Manhattan. I had a quick lunch. After that, I rushed to the residence prearranged by a local practitioner. When I was told that other practitioners had already gone out to carry out their assigned duties, I loaded up my luggage bag with fliers and went to distribute them in the subway station. By the time I finished distributing all the fliers, night had fallen.

The next morning, not having been assigned any task, I dragged a bundle of the Special Edition newspaper (which introduces the Holiday Wonders show) and distributed them in the subway station. It was still early by the time I finished, so I went back to my residence. The coordinator asked me to put on the Queen costume and go somewhere to promote the show. I had never dressed like a Queen before. Putting on the costume was quite a task. Lest my attachment to beauty come out, I declined to take the role, using the excuse that I was too old. But because there were limited practitioners there who could play the role, I told myself that for sentient beings, I shouldn't be that picky. A fellow practitioner put on the makeup for me. She did a great job. I looked so pretty that I almost couldn't recognize myself. With the bright Queen costume on, I really looked like a special scene on the Manhattan streets. Wearing this gorgeous costume, many people wanted to take pictures of me and of me with them. I received many compliments. Some people said they would go to the show. I told them that the show is truly brilliant and beautiful and a must-see. With the beautiful costume on, it was easier for me to give out fliers.

The next day, after the fellow practitioner put on makeup for me, I waited almost two hours for other practitioners to go along with me. Eventually, I lost my patience and went to the nearby streets to distribute fliers. How great it would have been if I had enlightened to this idea earlier! Later, when we were ready to go, we got stuck for an hour and a half waiting for the train. By the time we finally got to the designated location, it was almost 4:00 p.m. Because of the peak hour, there were many vehicles. But perhaps because it was snowing, there were very few pedestrians. When nighttime came, we decided to go to Lincoln Center. We gave out many fliers. I worked very hard that day. I felt that since I'd put on such a beautiful costume that it would be better if we could have saved more sentient beings than we were able to that day. So I felt quite pitiable. Unknowingly, I had grievances building up inside, blaming the coordinators for their low efficiency and wasting valuable time. Fortunately, I quickly became aware of this xinxing problem. "Why do I forget to look inward? Why should I wait, rely and depend on others? Indeed, the coordinators had worked very hard. Though their abilities might have been limited, as a part of the whole, I should take a more active role in coordination, rather than condemning or blaming others, or having thoughts of doing things in my own way."

On the third day, I actively asked the coordinator for work to do. Though it was difficult, I was very happy, for I had let go of my ego, which might have affected the harmony of the whole body. Several practitioners and I went to the neighborhood near the Beacon Theatre. We knocked on the doors of the stores and residences to ask them if we could put up posters or leave fliers. The effect was very good. Some people expressed interest in seeing the show. During the afternoon, some practitioners suggested that we go to Lincoln Center to distribute fliers. By the time we got there, the show had just ended. We stood on the nearby street corners to give out fliers. I didn't wear the theatrical costume that day, and many people didn't take the fliers. But this didn't discourage me. I shouted very loudly, "Holiday Wonders Show at Beacon Theatre." Gradually, I didn't see the coldness in people's faces. Instead, I saw a lot of smiles. I know they live a very uneasy life in the maze. Their human sides are restricted by the evil. But their knowing sides are waiting for Dafa and us.

Back in October of 1999, I went to Manhattan and stood in front of the old World Trade Center Plaza. With much painstaking effort, I gave out my first truth-clarification flier. Since then, I have given out many fliers. During this process, having to face the worldly people's disdain, indifference, and even offensiveness, how many human attachments have been cultivated away, and how much compassion has come out! Of all overseas cities, Manhattan is probably the most difficult city in which to give out fliers. People here are most complex. But during that day, I experienced great joy from the bottom of my heart, which was filled with compassion and confidence in saving the beings.

I know that Master has reinforced me. There was a person who said hi to me from inside his car and said I was a good salesperson. In fact, I am not good at talking at all, and dislike being in the public. But for the sake of sentient beings, I will continue to break through my barriers.

The fourth day was my last day in Manhattan. I continued to go out to promote the show in uptown. I noticed that many of the streets had already been visited by my fellow practitioners. There were many fancy apartment buildings on smaller streets. I decided to concentrate my effort in these apartment buildings. Almost all security guards were happy to accept my fliers and posters. Some said they would go to the show. I was truly happy for them. When dusk fell, I finished my assigned duty. All fliers were given out. I went back to my residence, packed up my luggage and prepared to leave. I had to go to Chinatown to take the bus, so I brought some Chinese language fliers and posters with me. When I got to Chinatown, I saw that the evil had very tight control of the people there. Thinking back in the past when I went to Chicago to put up posters and distribute fliers, it was quite easy there. But New York is different. I hope that New York practitioners will go there and clean out the evil and save more Chinese people.

Four days went by quickly. I wasn't able to do much in this short period of time, and I especially missed the sentient beings on Wall Street, where I didn't have a chance to go. I didn't do much in Chinatown either, to my regret. I am thankful to Master for this opportunity to help rectify the Fa. We haven't finished our journey yet, and we need to make better use of our limited time, improve our efficiency, let go of our egos, coordinate better, do the three things well, and fulfill our sacred mission.