(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms Zhu Fuju from Hailin City, Heilongjiang Province was sent to labor camps twice, and sentenced to three years of imprisonment once. Ms Zhu is currently detained at the 9th Division of Heilongjiang Women's Prison located at Harbin. In order to forcefully "transform" her, personnel from the prison put her on the "Big Hang Up" to torture her (with both of her hands cuffed on a double decker bed and only her toes touching the ground), while criminal inmates were ordered to monitor her. She was locked in a room so no one could see her. It is reported that both of Ms Zhu's hands have become disabled, but she is still being hung up. We encourage people who know what is happening to provide more detailed information.

In the past eight years, Zhu Fuju has had less than one year of freedom at home. Before she was sentenced, she was illegally detained at the Forest Bureau Detention Center in Hailin City. On cold winter days, while she was standing on the cement ground in bare feet, guards poured three buckets of cold water over her, soaking her from head to toe, resulting in frostbitten feet. Because Ms Zhu resisted the persecution, they also force-fed her, causing her to suffer from shock.

At present, Heilongjiang Women's Prison has more than three hundred Falun Gong practitioners. They are suffering and facing persecution every day. 2007 was named a "Tackle the Fort Year" by Heilongjiang Women's Prison. Heilongjiang Prison Management Bureau gave orders that this year they must transform all Falun Gong practitioners detained in prison. The prison guards, using real criminals in prison, attempt to forcefully "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. They have four to eight inmates form a group to attack one practitioner. They utilize various forms of torture, such as depriving one of sleep or rest, humiliation, verbal abuse, defamation, forcing practitioners to sit on a small stool as a physical punishment and psychological abuse to forcefully "transform" practitioners.

Haerbin Women's Prison (Heilongjiang Women's Prison)
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