(Clearwisdom.net) August 20, 1994 was a very special day because it was a day that Teacher came to Yanbian to spread Falun Dafa. It was also a day for sentient beings in Yanbian to receive salvation and for my real life to begin. It was a day that I will never forget.

It was quite a coincidence for me to go to Teacher's classes. At the time, I was a service person for public transportation buses. On the morning of August 20, 1994, I met many passengers on the bus that were from out of town and some of them were dressed nicely and some were not. However, all of them asked me how to get to the Yanji Recreation Center. Since I was curious, I asked a woman who seemed to be in her early fifties what was going on. She said, "Ma'am, listen! There is a very good practice being spread! Do you see how smooth my face is and how young I look? I don't have any illness any more and Falun Gong is the reason why. I am over 60 years old." The lady enthusiastically introduced Falun Gong to me and continued to remind me, "You are almost home. You must not miss it!"

After I got off work, I went to the Yanji Recreation Center and many people were gathered there. It cost 43 yuan to go to ten classes. I had only 50 yuan in my hand and I was not going to be paid for another two weeks. I began to hesitate but the woman's words echoed in my mind, "You must not miss it!" I bought the ticket after seeing the crowd that came from thousands of miles away and I thought that it must be something special because it could attract so many people from so far away. Now that I think about it, even before I learned the Falun Dafa, our compassionate Teacher was already taking care of me.

After I got into the Recreation Center, I sat in seat number 48 in row number 12. I imagined what Teacher looked like, what kind of profound theory he might have, and special techniques he would show. Just then, a loud applause arose and everyone stood up. I was very excited and I also stood up and applauded. I saw a tall young man in a white shirt with an compassionate smile on his face walk onto the stage. He smiled and signaled to everyone with his hands for everyone to sit down. The person on the stage was Teacher! Teacher knew clearly what was on my mind. Looking back, my understanding of what He said before the class was that we shouldn't have the thought of coming here to listen to a special theory or to gain a Falun because if we had this thought, we wouldn't gain anything! I quickly straightened out my thoughts and thought about nothing else. My primary focus was to listen to the lectures because I was afraid that I would miss something important.

Teacher's voice was always very clear, loud, and compassionate. I could not understand everything He said at that time, however, my perception of life and my attitude towards everything in the world completely changed after that. On the second day during the lecture, I began to feel really warm and my leg was so painful that I could hardly bear it. After the lecture, Teacher reminded us that no matter how bad we felt, we must persist in coming to the classes.

What I remembered the most was, as my leg stopped hurting, I fell sound asleep and didn't hear anything Teacher said. I was worried and told myself that I must stay awake and listen carefully during the next day but I still fell asleep the next day. As soon as I woke up, I heard Teacher say,

"A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one's brain is worked on. Therefore, one must be put into a state of anesthesia or become unconscious." (Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun)

Two days later, I experienced what Teacher had said,

"They will become energetic afterwards, and will not feel sleepy even if they go two days without sleep. " (Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun)

That summer, it was extraordinarily warm in Yanbian. Over four thousand people sat in a closed gym with only several windows open so a lot of people stayed cool by waving fans in their faces. Teacher told everyone to put down the fans because the fanning motion would make them feel warmer. Teacher mentioned that a practitioner shouldn't mind this little ordeal and soon after Teacher said that, streams of cool wind blew across my face. It was truly a miracle!

More miraculously, I regretted not bringing paper and pen to write down the content of Teacher's great lecture and Teacher seemed to read my mind, telling us that we shouldn't take notes or we would miss the lecture. When I had the thought of going to other qigong lectures, Teacher knew it again and talked about the issue of practicing only one school of practice. My face still blushes now when I think back to that incident. My enlightenment quality was very poor at the time!

There were frequent, heavy thunderstorms when Teacher was lecturing in Yanbian. One minute, it was a clear sky. The next minute, there was a severe thunderstorm that was so bad, the lightning broke trees and it rained so much that the city flooded. However, the sky turned clear quickly and did not prevent the lecture from continuing. When we got out of the gym, it was obvious to me that the air was crisp and clear. I knew that Teacher had cleared out the dimensional field in Yanbian!

Teacher himself taught us the exercises after each class. During the last class, Teacher answered questions from the students there. Teacher purified all students' bodies and told everyone to vigorously stomp on the ground after counting out loud, "one, two, three." Some students went too quickly but Teacher always had a compassionate smile on his face and told us to start over. We tried several times before everyone could stomp together at the same time.

During the ten day lecture, there were always students losing their rings, necklaces, money, and other valuables. However, whoever picked up the lost objects turned them in to Teacher so that the owners could have them back. Teacher received 7000 yuan from the students in the class and he donated it to the Red Cross after the classes were finished.

What I regret the most, is that during the class, I missed an opportunity to see Teacher close up. I lost a small Falun emblem and later Teacher announced that he had a small Falun emblem and was looking for the owner. I worried that it wasn't mine and was too embarrassed to go up on the stage to retrieve it. I regret missing this opportunity the more I think about it. However, in order to see Teacher in person again, I will have to walk the path well that Teacher arranged for me and eliminate all kinds of attachments to become a true Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner!