(Clearwisdom.net) In terms of the Fa principles, what we do with only a pure heart will be the best and most righteous.

When a tribulation arrives, the first pure thought is crucial. At the moment a car hits us, the authorities persecute us, or sickness karma suddenly emerges, do we send forth the purest thoughts with a pure heart? Master taught us that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences. As cultivators, we will run into different tribulations, and during different periods, the manifestations of tribulations are different. The sole unshakable thing is that we should have strong righteous thoughts.

Before the persecution started on July 20, 1999, some Dafa disciples were in a state where they were at a high level of gradual enlightenment. They have the ability to stop this persecution. The old forces dare not persecute them because these practitioners have strong righteous thoughts and pure hearts. Their pure hearts have already thoroughly rejected the old forces' arrangements in their worlds and stopped the persecution.

Mighty virtue does not refer to passively enduring many hardships. It, instead, refers to whether our hearts are pure at the critical moment, and then we can send forth the most overwhelmingly pure thoughts and thus disintegrate the tribulations and save sentient beings to the greatest extent. The great way is the simplest and easiest. Dafa disciples' maturity manifests not only in how many flyers we have distributed and how much of the Fa we have studied, but in whether we can send forth the purest thought with a pure heart at the critical moment. That is a rock-solid foundation for Dafa that Master requested us to lay, and it is mighty virtue and the Fa-power of the Lords and Kings in the new cosmos.

If, as one body, we all had this thought, this persecution would not have occurred. At the moment a car hits us or symptoms of cerebral thrombosis suddenly emerge, do we think of Master and Dafa and that we are Dafa disciples? Likewise, we should think of immediately ending this persecution without any resentment or attachment. After all, this is not a test aimed at our personal cultivation, but a so-called test aimed at our whole body. The degree of evil is beyond exception. Our minds have been disturbed, which makes the world's people and the beings corresponding to our colossal firmaments lose their righteous thoughts. Therefore, countless beings in diverse realms that were supposed to be saved have been destroyed. We have lost quite a few opportunities to end the persecution as well. If our one-body had sent forth this thought on April 25, the evil would have been annihilated. At that time, however, how many practitioners sent forth this thought? And while sending this thought, how many practitioners did so with a pure heart? If we are unable to pass a certain test, it will be more difficult for us to pass the next one. As a result, after July 20, 1999, a series of so-called updated persecutions occurred.

Master has always encouraged us and incessantly pointed out our shortcomings. We have not realized that our immaturity has already brought about a big loss to Dafa. Furthermore, to a certain extent, we did not believe in Dafa and Master's boundless Fa-power, and for a period of time, we even counted on ordinary people. Nowadays, recalling this, is there any difference between counting on ordinary people and passing the test of sickness karma? Each of our impure minds and/or immaturity has led to this persecution, just like when cerebral thrombosis symptoms suddenly emerge, the impure mind and thought can bring about the actual ailment. At that moment, if the person can reflect on himself, let go of self, and have no resentment or attachments, Master would help eliminate his karma and the persecution would end. If the persecution still exists, it will be very weak, just like the situation in which, after Master eliminates sickness karma, clusters of black qi flow toward the surface. Therefore, the more violent evil test would not appear.

The lesson is profound. With Master's protection, we are becoming more and more mature. We have also realized that only when we fundamentally reject the old forces' arrangements can we end the persecution. It is the same as thoroughly negating sickness karma. When we exhibit sickness karma, that is the test of life and death, and a tiny bit of doubt, hesitation, or wavering would bring about different consequences. The persecution, which should not have occurred, not only takes place, but due to Dafa disciples' deeply falling into the persecution, the situation has become more complicated. In addition, there have been severe interferences while fundamentally rejecting the old forces.

It is still not too late. Master opens our supernatural capabilities so that we are able to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference. Sending righteous thoughts not only eliminates the evil itself; it also eliminates the interference towards our righteous thoughts. Clarifying the facts is a means of remedying the results that our immaturity and impurity has brought about.

Why does Master give the important responsibility of ending the persecution to us? Is it only to clarify the facts of the persecution to save sentient beings? If the persecution had did not happened, we would be able to save more sentient beings. I realize that Master has let us reflect on ourselves and improve rapidly. Master lays emphasis on the process, during which the beings that were puzzled and attached have made it through to become mature and pure. Dafa creates the process during which the colossal firmament goes through formation, stasis, and degeneration, but not destruction, and it is able to self-perfect. Master has asked us to walk our own paths and forged the future enlightened beings in the universe. In this process the tempered beings are the guarantee that the future cosmos will not being destroyed. Yet, during this process, the sentient beings have endured too much harm that should not have happened. In fact, we can absolutely end the persecution immediately. It is simply because, for a long time in our minds, we have treated it as a cultivation process that would inevitably appear. We have acknowledged the emergence of evil and thus equally acknowledged the so-called test arranged by the evil. Sometimes we even dared not think that immediately ending the persecution was possible. We often talked about thoroughly negating the old forces, yet we still put ourselves in the persecution.

The persecution should not continue any longer. Our impurity has already led to many losses. We should eliminate the shadow the old forces have formed in our minds because the old forces are just like sickness karma. Whoever keeps it in his mind has already acknowledged it. Master has taught us the Fa regarding sickness karma and the old forces so that we can clearly identify them and thoroughly reject them. The fear of having sickness is equal to asking for the sicknesses, and the fear of being persecuted is pursuing the persecution. Namely, we have acknowledged the sickness and the old forces. At present, more and more practitioners are becoming mature, and the pure thought has already fundamentally rejected the old forces in their worlds, stopped the evil persecution, and thus in their environment of no evil interference, more quickly collected and saved beings that belong to their own worlds.

The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out any mistakes.