(Clearwisdom.net) The 2nd Division of the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp is a strictly monitored division that specializes in persecuting Dafa practitioners. In recent years, labor camp guards have viciously tormented determined practitioners. Disclosed below are facts about four persecuted practitioners.

Mr. Miao Jianguo: In order to resist the persecution, at the end of 2005, Miao Jianguo undertook a hunger strike. Ten days later, he was very weak and was delivered to a hospital. On December 1, when he was on the brink of death, the authorities put him on medical parole. However, on the next day, Li Songtao and his followers from the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp broke into Mr. Miao's home. They arrested him and sent him back to the 2nd Division for further persecution. At the labor camp, Bai Jinlong (the 2nd Division head) and camp guards forced Miao Jianguo to sit on a 14-inch long wooden stool. He was forced to sit there from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. A week later, Mr. Miao once again started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The camp guards bound him to a chair and force-fed him. Several inmates held him firmly. They inserted a feeding tube into his nose and poured in milk. Mr. Miao's nose started to bleed, and the milk was spilled everywhere. Two weeks later, Li Fenglin, deputy director of the labor camp, lied to Mr. Miao, "If you stop your hunger strike, we will reduce your sentence by three months." Around February 20, 2006, Miao Jianguo undertook a hunger strike for the third time. He suffered barbaric force-feeding and torture. Every time camp guards Bai Jinlong, Li Songtao, and the others force-fed Mr. Miao, they would call his family and ask for one hundred yuan as a payment for the milk formula. The guard in charge of the force-feeding was Yang Tinglun.

Mr. Qi Mingli: Currently covered in scabies, he can't stretch his legs. His eyesight is failing, as he can only see things within a two-meter range. Around December 10, 2005, Qi Mingli and Liu Quanwang started a hunger strike. Camp guard Bai Jinlong sought help from guards of other divisions. Together, they took the two Dafa practitioners into a secret room and used electric batons on them for a long time. They intimidated the practitioners to make them give up the hunger strike. The two practitioners were covered with bruises. The scabies on Mr. Qi's body were due to torture and deprivation of sunlight for a long period of time. Former deputy director of the labor camp Li Fenglin said to Mr. Qi, "If you "transform", I will reduce your sentence by a year. Otherwise, I will not let you see sunlight, nor will I allow you to go outside or take a shower. I will let you rot in here." When Qi Mingli first arrived at the labor camp, Chen Changbin forced him to sit on a metal chair for three consecutive days. After that, Mr. Qi began to suffer from scabies.

Mr. Shao Minggang: In the spring of 2004, Dafa practitioner Shao Minggang was arrested by the Jinzhou City State Security Bureau. After his arrest, policemen used lighters to burn his lower jaw. Then, Li Xiejiang, a policeman from the 610 Office, beat him badly. His face was disfigured as a result. When Mr. Shao was delivered to the labor camp, he started a hunger strike. Guards in the 2nd division forced him to sit on a stool. They force-fed him as well. During the force-feeding, former deputy director Li Fenglin was present. He ordered guards to use a large quantity of salty water for the force-feeding. Some guards from the management section and education section also participated in the torture. Later, guards and inmates made attempts to forcefully "transform" Mr. Shao day and night. The torture and persecution caused Mr. Shao's blood pressure to reach 240. He had to be moved to a patient room.

Currently, there are five Dafa practitioners in the patient room. They are Shao Minggang, Liu Cheng, Li Yong, Jiao Lin, and Hu Shaowei. They are all showing symptoms of illness.

Mr. Liu Cheng: He is from Yi Town. In October 2004, guards of the 2nd Division tried to "transform" Dafa practitioners. They tied up Liu Cheng's legs and used electric batons on him. Several hours later, when Liu Cheng was untied, he couldn't move at all. This torture rendered him unable to walk for over a year. He couldn't relieve himself without assistance. Inmates had to carry him to the restroom. There are four vicious inmates there. They are Feng Ying, Pan Xuehai, Zhang Tiejun, and a man from Xinzhili known only as "Yellow Hair."

In the 2nd Division, the following practitioners are under strict supervision: Li Lianjun (from Linghai), Hu Shaowei (from Hulu Island), Weng Hongjun (from Liaoyang), Liu Quanwang (from Hulu Island), Liu Cheng (from Yi Town), Li Yong (from Yi Town), Jiao Lin (from Dandong), and Jinzhou City's Qi Mingli, Shao Minggang, and Miao Jianguo.

The most vicious guards in the 2nd Division include Bai Jinlong, Li Songtao, Zhang Chunfeng, and Yang Tinglun. They forbid practitioners from going downstairs, and they don't allow practitioners to see sunlight. It has been five months since the 2nd Division forbade determined practitioners from going downstairs and outside. They didn't allow them to take showers regularly. Practitioners are only permitted to shower occasionally and only with cold water. They don't permit talking, don't allow family visits, and refuse to deliver the food sent by the practitioners' families. Practitioner Liu Xueyuan was a faculty member at the Jinzhou Medical School. One time, his mother traveled from a village near Dalian City to visit him. The elderly woman traveled for a long time by bus and by train. She brought some peanuts for her son, but the guards firmly refused to allow her to give them to him. She had no choice but to take them back with her.