1. Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Chen Guanghua worked for the Ministry of Finance in Yuxi City. In January 2005, Hongta District National Security personnel and officials from the Yuxi 610 Office, Zhu Jiayong, Ren Haiyan and other police officers broke into Mr. Chen's home and illegally arrested him.

They detained Chen Guanghua illegally in the Hongta District Detention Center. In July 2005, the Hongda District Court sentenced him to 3 years in a forced labor camp. Mr. Chen was tortured inhumanely there. On the seventh day of his hunger strike to protest against the persecution, they force-fed him. The rough tube that they used punctured his nose, throat, and stomach. He suffered from bleeding in his stomach. Currently, Chen Guanghua is detained in the Yunnan First Prison.

2. Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Shen Yueping was a doctor at the Institute for Women and Children's Health in Yuxi City. In 2000, when she appealed for justice for Falun Gong in Beijing, police officers illegally arrested her. After they detained her in the Hongta Detention Center for one month, an officer from the Yuxi 610 Office directly transferred Ms. Chen to the Kunming Forced Labor Camp. She was sentenced to a 2-year term in the forced labor camp.

In December 2004, Shen Yueping and her husband Pu Zhiming ran into fellow practitioners Hu Xianding and Niu Yuqiong at a Hongta District Trade Show. Police officers, who had long been watching those practitioners, then detained them using the excuse that they were "conducting Falun Gong activities." Those practitioners were sentenced to between 1-5 years in a forced labor camp in May 2005.

Shen Yueping started a hunger strike protesting the persecution in the detention center. The authorities then sentenced her to a 5-year term. She persists in her belief and refuses to write the so-called "Statement of Repentance" and Guarantee Statement. Ms. Shen often suffers from physical abuse and has been tortured physically and mentally.

Currently, Shen Yueping is being detained in the Yunnan Second Prison.

3. Practitioner Ms. Niu Yuqiong is a retired staff member from the Yuxi City Geological Team. The authorities illegally arrested and sent her to a detention center because she chatted with practitioner Hu Xianding and other friends. Police officers had been watching her for a long time.

Soon after more than 10 police officers illegally searched their home, Ms. Niu's husband questioned them on why they had arrested her without reason. Then three police officers tortured him until his head was bleeding. His children wanted to help him but they were beaten as well. The faces of his daughter and his son were swollen and bruised. They could not help their father.

Niu Yuqiong was detained in the Hongta District Detention Center for six months. She started a hunger strike to protest the persecution and was then tortured severely. In May 2005, the Hongta District Court sentenced her to 2 years in a labor camp. Currently, Niu Yuqiong is being held in the Yunan Second Prison.

4. Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Deng Cuiping was a teacher at the Zhenliuzongqi Elementary School in Yuxi City. While teaching class in 2005, she said, "Falun Dafa is good and Falun Gong tells people to be good." One student's parents reported her. She was subsequently arrested and subjected to persecution by Wan Xueyuan and Li Xiufeng. Ms. Deng has not been allowed to teach classes since then.

On April 8, 2006, Deng Cuiping, Hua Lanxian and Gu Liqing clarified the truth to people and sent out truth-clarification materials. They were then arrested by the Hongta District National Security Office. Currently, Deng Cuiping is being detained by the Yuxi 610 Office in the Jiangchuan Detention Center. Meanwhile, Hua Lanxian and Gu Liqing were also arrested and are being held in the Hongta District Detention Center.