(Clearwisdom.net) In June 1994, I was lucky enough to attend a Falun Dafa lecture session in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It was the only lecture given by Teacher in the province.

On the second day of the session, a Sunday, to reduce the expense for the practitioners, Teacher combined lecture two and three and taught the Fa for the entire afternoon. The scheduled location, Zhengzhou Arena, was hosting a sporting event that day, so we temporarily moved to a simple stadium nearby.

When the lecture began, the sky was very clear, but a huge blast of wind blew the gates of the stadium wide open about one hour after the third lecture began. A power outage followed. In the dark, we heard the windows screaming wildly. Wind, rain, as well as hail and dust, fell onto practitioners through the windows. Hail bounced off the roof loudly, and rain was dripping down through leaks in the ceiling. The teaching was interrupted. Teacher sat on the table where he had been teaching the Fa and practiced a set of the big hand signs. He then sat back in his seat, and grabbed a bottle of spring water and drank it in one breath. Normally, Teacher never drank water while teaching the Fa. Next, while sitting there motionlessly and holding the bottle, Teacher seemed to be catching something in it. Teacher then covered the bottle with its lid.

I clearly recall the following scene: Four or five minutes later, the huge dark cloud curtain blocking the sky suddenly opened and sunlight pushed its way through the sky from west to east and shone into the stadium through the open gates. The power came back too. All of a sudden, the stadium lit up. Thunderous applause rose from the audience. "It sounded powerful, but I'm not even willing to touch it with my hands. I caught it with the bottle," Teacher told us with a smile, and continued to teach the Fa. On our way back home, practitioners discussed the extraordinary scene. Everyone felt that we had lived through a fairy tale.

Another day while Teacher was teaching the Fa, two city officials walked in the arena and stood at the gate. The general secretary of Zhengzhou Qigong Association dashed down from the podium in a big hurry to welcome them, but Teacher only gave them a glimpse and continued teaching the Fa. After standing there a little while, they walked away. I later realized that Teacher wanted to give them the most righteous way of cultivation.

Only a little over two hundred people from Henan Province, among the total of two or three thousand in previous audiences, attended the session. Towards the end of the session, Teacher spoke to practitioners from Zhengzhou City and told us he never thought so few practitioners from Henan Province were attending the session, and encouraged us to be seeds for our area. In the time afterwards, we all treated ourselves as seeds and tried our best to introduce Dafa to our area.