(Clearwisdom.net) Shortly after a particular person began to practice Falun Dafa, the persecution began. She went to Beijing with veteran practitioners to appeal for justice, but she was arrested. She was sentenced to forced labor and was tortured severely in the labor camp. Her body was covered with bruises and scars, and her mind was under great pressure and torture. She was forced to give up practicing. Since her health condition deteriorated and she suffered from thoracic fluid, she was released. During her time in the hospital for treatment, the evil in other dimensions still kept persecuting her and her mind was not clear for a while. One of her family members was also a practitioner. She accompanied her by her side all the time and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions until she regained consciousness. After she went back home, she persisted in reading the Fa and doing the exercises. After a while, she became a completely new person. Her skin was exquisite, smooth and pink without any wrinkles. She didn't look like she was in her 40's.

Since this fellow practitioner has only had a short time for personal cultivation, she has not been able to enlighten to a very high level of the Fa at some times. However, she is able to keep a kind and peaceful mind all the time, and she always accepts other people's opinions without asking for an explanation. She does not argue with others about who is right or wrong and always thinks that other practitioners are cultivating better than herself from the bottom of her heart. Once, some practitioners pointed out her problem in a very irritated manner and they apologized to her afterwards. She said to them with tears in her eyes, "I know what you did was for my benefit." She is able to look inwards and never says any bad things about others. If all of our practitioners could have this kind of attitude when we hear about different opinions, there would be many fewer conflicts between practitioners and we could spend more time and effort on Fa-rectification.

We hope that all fellow practitioners can see the good side of others and look inward for our own shortcomings, and also be strict with ourselves and truthful and sincere to others. We should try to feel others' sincereness and kindness with our hearts. Our cultivation environment, the time that practitioners spend together, and coordinating Fa-rectification work should be on every practitioner's kind heart, which builds up a good whole-body cultivation environment.