(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Niu Yuhuan from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province has suffered continual persecution over the past seven years. She was tortured severely in a labor camp, where she became emaciated and could not even tend to her daily needs. After Ms. Niu was repeatedly arrested, her father-in-law passed away in October 2006, grieving at the injustice.

Ms. Niu Yuhuan, 51 years old, is a retired employee of the Steel Workers Division in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. Before practicing Dafa, she suffered from numerous diseases and had to take many medications every day. Nevertheless, her health did not improve. In 1996, not long after obtaining the Fa however, all her diseases were healed. After the persecution of Falun Gong by the Jiang regime began on July 20, 1999, Niu Yuhuan traveled to Beijing in 2000 to appeal to the government. However, she was illegally arrested and held at a detention center for two and a half months. When she returned home Ms. Niu suffered constant harassment, especially during the holidays, from supervisors at her workplace and officials from the local police stations.

In April 2002, members of the Chinese Communist Party in Jiamusi launched a large-scale round of arrests of Dafa practitioners. Policemen from the Zhongshan and Qianjin police stations as well as agents from the Third Section of the Railroad Bureau broke into Niu Yuhuan's home on several occasions to arrest her. Ms. Niu was forced to leave home and live in exile. Even then, the police continued to threaten her family, saying that Ms. Niu had become a wanted criminal and those who refused to divulge her whereabouts would be guilty of covering up for her. The police also spied on her husband constantly. On May 1, 2002, when Niu Yuhuan returned home to visit her father-in-law, in his eighties, police cars arrived less than ten minutes after she left. On October 1, Ms. Niu returned home again and the police also rushed there, but she was once again able to escape.

On October 15, 2003, six or seven police officers from the Zhongshan Police Station broke into Niu Yuhuan's home and began ransacking her belongings. After that, Ms. Niu was illegally taken to the police station. She began to develop symptoms of a heart attack and was sent to a hospital. The doctor said that Ms. Niu's life was in danger and the police had to notify her husband to come and get her. On October 7, 2004, the Zhongshan police broke into Ms. Niu's house and took her away again. She was brought to the police station where she was severely interrogated and brutally beaten. Her heart disease suddenly worsened and she passed out. Even then, Ms. Niu was imprisoned in a detention center for one month. With heart disease and anemia, she was unable to move and yet she was forcibly and illegally sentenced to three years of imprisonment in a labor camp.

At the labor camp, Niu Yuhuan suffered constant beatings and very abuse from the police. On March 2, 2005, police officer Li Xiujin lied to practitioners in order to obtain their fingerprints, saying that it was required for their release. However, after learning that it was a plan to deceive them, Ms. Niu wrote a solemn declaration. Li Xiujin beat her heavily on her chest where she has skin problems, and Ms. Niu had to suffer one whole night of pain. Her heart problems also recurred. She constantly suffered from health problems and passed out. Even when Ms. Niu was on the brink of death and was sent to a hospital, the police would go against the doctors' recommendations to hospitalize her for longer. As Niu Yuhuan was unable to move or perform labor, Liu Xiujin dragged her to a garage, where she had to lie on the cement floor for two months without any carpets or mats. Finally, seeing that she could not sit up, they decided not to allow her to lie down any more. Ms. Niu was carried onto the Tiger Bench, which the police jokingly called the "Comfy Chair." She was subjected to this torture every day until her entire body was racked with immense pain. Yet, the police still continued beating and verbally abusing her.

In a few months' time, Niu Yuhuan's spiritual and physical health were severely depleted from the torture. She had became emaciated and could not even walk. After hearing of her situation, Ms. Niu's family requested to see her, but were rejected by the police. In the end, seeing that her situation was indeed very bad, the authorities sent Ms. Niu to the hospital where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Even then, she was only released home after the police extorted 5,000 yuan from her family.

After returning home, Ms. Niu could not tend to her daily activities and had to rely on her husband to take care of her. Even now, she is still incapacitated. Moreover, Ms. Niu's disabled elderly father-in-law used to have Niu Yuhuan's help to carry out his daily needs. After she was arrested several times, he was severely frightened. He became very upset when Ms. Niu was illegally sentenced to imprisonment in the labor camp. In October 2006, he passed away, grieving at the injustice.

November 26, 2006