(Clearwisdom.net) Our Master is rectifying the Fa. My understanding is that during this Fa-rectification period, assisting Master in the human world is every Dafa practitioner's obligation. Thus I hoped that I could get connected with practitioners in Shanghai, and by communicating and sharing experiences, we could improve together. With this mission in mind, on November 16, I left for Shanghai.

Early the next morning, I arrived at Shanghai's long-distance bus station. It was only 5 a.m. and still dark outside. Where should I go? I could only contact the fellow practitioner who just moved to Shanghai from my hometown. On the way there I talked to the taxi driver, and quickly got to the topic of truth-clarification. As I told him the facts, he frequently commented: "Oh! Really? How come we've never heard of these things in Shanghai?" His thirst for the truth immediately made me feel guilty. How worthy are these Shanghai people! They are anxiously waiting to hear the truth. I regretted that I hadn't come earlier. When we arrived at the destination, the driver wanted me to stay a little longer and tell him more. I felt sad in my heart. I took his business card. From his enthusiasm, I could see that he wanted more truth clarification.

A little past 6 a.m. on November 17, it was raining in Shanghai. The practitioner I know and I went to get a hotel room for me, but all the rooms were so expensive; each night cost over 200 yuan. What should I do? Finally we found two local practitioners' phone numbers. I wanted to get in touch with them quickly so we could have some sharing. But when I called these local practitioners, both of them declined because of lack of time. I wondered if the real reason was a problem with my own xinxing.

At the time I wanted to cry. What should I do? We didn't know anybody else, and so all I could do was to clarify the truth to whomever I met. The strange part was that everyone I ran into all seemed to have a predestined relationship; all of them were interested in hearing the truth. When I talked to them about Jiang, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the fact that we are all Chinese descendants--not Marx-Lenin descendants, about Huang Ju and Chen Liangyu's corruptions, and the endgame for CCP, they all had the same awestruck reaction: "How did you learn about all this? Why does the government lie in the news?" They all seemed to have just awakened from a dream, and sighed again and again: "Shanghai is too shielded from the outside world! Shanghai folks are too shielded from the outside news! Really, it's the first time I've heard about this!" I gave to them some brochures and web links for breaking through the Internet blockade.

My unfamiliarity with everything in Shanghai and the costly hotel room made me decide to go home. Looking at the Shanghai people waiting to be saved, I felt sorry, because I wasn't able to do much. I didn't even have any truth-clarifying material left. But oddly enough, on the train back home, the two people who sat next to me were also Shanghai people. They were an old man and a young man. It seems that I really am predestined with Shanghai people. I gave the website to the young man and talked mostly to the elder man. After we got off of the train, the young man kept on talking to me. He said: "I heard everything you said on the train. I am a CCP member, but quitting the CCP is such a big deal. It's really the first time I've heard about this. If I hear a second person, and a third person say the same thing, I'll certainly quit."

Regretting that I couldn't accomplish more, I returned home. From what I've seen and heard on this journey, I feel heavy in the heart. At this time, I really wish to share my experience with Shanghai practitioners. Let us work together, and try to save these sentient beings as soon as we can.

Perhaps what I've seen and heard on the journey was only a little piece of the metropolis; perhaps much more truth clarification is going on in Shanghai. This journey's lesson for me is perhaps that I should be more responsible, or that we need to work together to thoroughly clarify the truth and eliminate the evil. If anything is inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

November 24, 2006