(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in Chongqing City who started to practice Falun Gong in 1993. My parents were murdered when I was three, and I was forced to become a child-wife and was badly mistreated. Because of my miserable life, my mind and body were seriously impaired. As a result, I had many illnesses and suffered a lot. I often wondered why I had so much suffering. But I could not find an answer.

Compassionate Teacher introduced the great Falun Dafa to us, and this made me clear on why I had so much sorrow and hardship in my life. I came to understand the essence and purpose of life. The great Buddha Fa cleared the confusion in my mind, and dissolved the feuds in my heart. Great Teacher saved me from hell and cleansed me. With the beginning of a new life, I no longer have sorrow, pain, complaints, or hatred.

I remember clearly the time when I started to practice in 1993. It was September 12. A neighbor practitioner said that she had just attended a talk given by Teacher and had bought a copy of the introductory book, Falun Gong. She also said there would be a class starting the next day. I had been cheated by several sham qigong systems in the past, so I did not plan to attend the class.

The following afternoon, however, I thought that since I had been looking for a high-level master, wouldn’t it be a pity if this was a high-level master and I missed the opportunity?

In the late afternoon, I went to borrow her book, and was very interested in it. I kept on reading through 39 pages, without stop. I was impressed and thought, "Where can I find a qigong system as good as this one?" This is what I had been looking for. I could not help feeling excited and fortunate and immediately asked about the class location and time. When sleeping that evening, I felt as if I was sleeping on the soft sand of the beach with sunshine spreading on me. I also felt something rotating in my stomach -- back then I did not know it was Falun.

When waking up on the next morning, I was surprised with my good eyesight. I had to quit my job because of cataracts, but now I could see clearly the texture of the tree leaves. My breathing also became very clear, while in the past I had always been sleepy when getting up from bed in the morning.

I attended the class on September 14. As soon as I sat down, I heard Teacher say, "You may think you have just casually come here for the class; actually it was already arranged previously in another dimension."

I listened attentively to Teacher's every word. Upon completing the class that day, I asked Teacher to sign the book. I asked Teacher, since I had started to practice Falun Gong, whether I should continue with other qigong systems I had been doing previously. Teacher told me, "I am teaching you a college class, why would you still read elementary books?"

The electricity was shut down right after Teacher started writing in my book. I thought, "How could Teacher write in such darkness?" After Teacher returned the book to me, I brought it out to the lighted area, and found Teacher’s name and date was written very well. I thought, "This master is great." Since someone told me Teacher installed Falun for practitioners the previous day and I did not come on that day, I asked Teacher if I could still be given a Falun. Upon hearing that, Teacher laughed. It was so pleasant, as if all beings in the universe were in happiness. Teacher then told me, one would be given a Falun as long as one joined the class prior to the last three days.

Through later Fa-study I realized why Teacher had laughed. In fact, I was given a Falun when reading the book the day before, but I did not realize it. Every movement and smile of Teacher is very meaningful.

On the way home that day, I said to a practitioner that Teacher’s words reminded me of a dream I had had eight years ago and its connection with my elder brother’s death. In that dream, an elderly man with gray hair said our family owed money to a family surnamed Zhang in a previous life. Because of that, three members of my family would die because of cancer of the esophagus, and he gave three names. It had already happened to my elder brother.

In fact, I had throat pain for long time and could not find a cure. Remembering Teacher’s lecture, I told a practitioner that I wished Teacher could help me clear the debts from my previous lives. That practitioner agreed. Upon returning home and placing the Dafa book on the table, I suddenly found that the left side of my neck very painful. I touched it with my hand and found a big swelling there, which was very itchy and painful. It lasted for three days. I knew Teacher was helping me pay for my debts.

On the fifth day, upon stepping out of the classroom, I suddenly realized that that place was no longer itchy nor painful. I touched that area with my hand and realized that the swelling had diminished, as if nothing had happened.

A month after the class had completed, I was doing the sitting meditation and felt that the left side of my throat was uncomfortable. It was as if something was stuck in there, and even my breathing and swallowing became difficult. I understood that from the Fa principles that Teacher talked about eliminating karma, I had to suffer some. So I was not afraid at all, but continued to do the exercises calmly. It was totally gone after one week.

During the days attending Teacher’s class, I felt that my body was very light. Over ten illnesses that had bothered me for decades were gone. I liked Teacher’s class very much. It was as if the crops had finally gotten some water after a long drought, or that a lost child had found the way home. Every day I was immersed in happiness and excitement, which was beyond description.

Whatever topic Teacher was talking about, he would solve the problems for us. When Teacher talked about curing illness, we noticed strong and unpleasant smells of traditional Chinese medicine as well as western medicine. When Teacher was talking about elderly women needing menstrual blood to cultivate life, an older lady in my workplace immediately had menstruation after menopause for one year.

Most of the time, I was sitting in the center in one of the front rows. Before the class, I was chatting with a practitioner. She said that on the way home the day before, she kept thinking about how compassionate Teacher was. When walking upstairs, her body felt so light that she even walked two more stories before realizing it. Later, Teacher came and the lecture started. During the class, Teacher mentioned that when some practitioners had gone home, their bodies felt so light as if being carried and even walked more stories before noticing it. Teacher then talked about some people who lost their parents when they were very young and suffered a lot. It was as if he specifically talked about my situation. I was in tears. In this world, only Teacher truly understood me. Thereafter, I felt that Teacher was so great.

When I recall the days listening to Teacher’s lectures, I am always in tears. I feel I am the most fortunate person in the world, since I could practice the unprecedented, great Falun Dafa. Teacher’s words always remind me to keep being diligent.