(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Ping (alias) is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Langfang City, Hebei Province. After the persecution against Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) inhumanely tortured her because she refused to renounce her belief.

Staff from the Langfang City Public Safety Bureau arrested Ms. Wang Ping in October 1999 because she appealed for Falun Gong in Beijing. Bureau staff detained her for 30 days and fined her 2,000 yuan. Guards at the detention center beat her, pulled her hair and hit her head with a wooden rod. The people who tortured her were Langfang City Public Safety Bureau staff Yan Zhen, Yang Hua and Feng Guangji.

On March 6, 2000, she went again to appeal for Falun Gong in Beijing. Staff from the Langfang City Public Safety Bureau arrested her again, detained her for 30 days and fined her 1,000 yuan. Xing Shifeng, the Bureau's director, kicked her leg and bruised it. The people who tortured her were Yan Zhen, Feng Guangji, and Xing Shifeng of the Langfang City Public Safety Bureau First Division.

On May 13, 2000, Ms. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Tiananmen Police Station police arrested her and brutally beat her for over an hour. They extorted 500 yuan, claiming the money was for "taking her back to the Langfang City Public Safety Bureau." She protested her illegal detention. Directors with the last name of Li, Xing and Wang tied her on "The Dead Man's Bed" for over 45 hours. Li ordered prisoner Li Yingping to suffocate her with a wet towel. She was near death.

On June 18, 2000, Ms. Wang was doing Falun Gong exercises with other practitioners in front of a bank. District police and city public safety bureau police pushed her head down to the ground, beat her, stepped on her head and handcuffed her. Three police beat her in public for a hour. They detained her at Fanglang City Public Safety Bureau for 25 days. Xing Shifeng, the director, put her in solitary confinement and slapped her face over a hundred times with a shoe. Her left ear was swollen and the left side of her neck and face were black and purple. She could no longer hear anything. The people who tortured her are Xing Shifeng, Li (director), Wang (director) and Guo (political commissioner).

On September 19, 2000, police from the Fanglang City Public Safety Bureau broke into Ms. Wang's house. She escaped and was homeless for 19 months. The police couldn't find her, so they detained her husband (a non-practitioner) in the Bureau for 15 days. Her child was left homeless with nothing to eat and no one to depend on. The people who are responsible for such atrocities are Fanglang City Public Safety Bureau First Division staff Yan Zhen, Yang Hua, Tian Guangqing, Feng Guangji and Wu Hongwei. They went to Ms. Wang's house many times to harass her family. During the 19 months she was homeless, police from the Beijing Chaoyang Police Station arrested her twice and detained her for a total of six months. The police brutally beat her, cuffed her, hung her up by the cuffs, locked her in an iron cage, deprived her of food and put shackles on her. Staff from the People's Aviation Hospital in Beijing injected her with unknown drugs many times.

At about 9 p.m. on May 14, 2002, Ms. Wang went to a pond in Beijing to post Falun Gong flyers. A patrol officer saw her and beat her with a plastic baton. She was injured severely and was bleeding from many places. This officer, after brutally beating her, dragged her underneath a bridge in Dongzhimen in Beijing and raped her. The officer then stuck the plastic baton he beat her with into her vagina. She fainted because of the pain. After she woke, she was going to report the officer but he ran away. Two of her front teeth were knocked out and she was severely injured.

The above three pictures were taken nine days after Ms. Wang Ping was raped.

On Oct 26, 2001, Ms. Wang went to Shuangliu in Chaoyang District, Beijing, to deliver truth clarification materials when two officers arrested her. Police in the Sanjianfang Police Station locked her into an iron cage, handcuffed her, shackled her, and then took her to the Chaoyang Police Station. She was detained there for over two months. The guards beat her with wooden batons, poked her and kicked her head. Her face and eyes were bruised and swollen. Guard Du Jianjun brutally tortured her many time. People who tortured her were officers Du Jianjun, Zhang Yingnan, Zhou Changwang and Kang Jianjun from the Chaoyang Police Station.

On December 26, 2001, police from the Chaoyang Police Station transferred her to the Beijing City Public Safety Hospital basement. The basement was closed by many iron doors and looked gloomy and scary. Her hands and legs were cuffed and she walked for a long time. She saw incinerators in the basement. After a few turns, she saw practitioners from all over the country imprisoned there. They had come to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The practitioners had been severely tortured. Every morning, the medical staff would come to withdraw about 60 milliliter (3 oz.) of practitioners' blood. Those who refused were shocked with electric batons. Ms. Wang was there for 27 days and the medical staff drew blood daily. There were four practitioners in each cell. More practitioners were brought in daily. Practitioners in the basement were all cuffed to their beds and couldn't move. They suffered inhumane torture. When Ms. Wang was there, there were about 80 practitioners imprisoned there, not including the new practitioners brought in daily. When Ms. Wang was detained at Chaoyang Police Station in Beijing, policeman Wang Xiuyun ordered prisoners to tie her up and beat her until she lost consciousness. They woke her up by pouring over 40 buckets of cold water over her. The guards tortured her many times. The people who tortured her were Wang Xiuyun, Du Jianjun, Zhang Yingnan, Zhou Changwang and Kang Jianjun.

On January 14, 2002, staff from the Langfang City Public Safety Bureau arrested Ms. Wang in Shuangliu again and took her to the Yuecheng Brainwashing Center. The Langfang 610 Office in Beijing was in charge of this brainwashing center. She was there for 30 days and fined 10,000 yuan. Staff at the Yuecheng Brainwashing Center attempted to have her write the three statements, to renounce Falun Gong. She refused to renounce Falun Gong. Guard Zhao Lihua slapped her face, kicked her chest with hard leather shoes, deprived her of sleep, and tortured her night and day to force her to renounce Falun Gong. People who tortured her were Han Zhuguang, Zhao Lihua, Tian Guangqing and Yan Zhen.

On March 8, 2004, police Yan Zhen, Zhang Jian'guo, Wu Hongwei and two others broke into Ms. Wang's house. They viciously beat her, cuffed her and then took her to the Kaiping Female Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. She was "sentenced" to a two year term and locked in a solitary confinement cell for 13 months. The guards refused to let her sleep and forced her to stand in a drafty room. They monitored her continuously. Guards ordered prisoners to pinch her, poke her eyeballs, slap her, and make her renounce Falun Gong. Guards Ke Jibin, Ruan Daguo, Zhao Nan, Zhang Yongzhong and Li Shengli took her to the legal education division for more brutal torture. The windows there were all blocked with comforters and it was dark in the room. Eight or nine men took turns torturing her. They made a great effort to force her to renounce Falun Gong.

Ke Jibin is the Director of the legal education division. Ke forbid her to say "Falun Dafa is good" and threatened to strangle her with a rope and kill her. They tortured her daily. Once Yan Hongli, Wang Yuhua, Jia Fengmei, and Liu Xiujuan came into her cell with the excuse of searching for Teacher's articles. They tore open her comforter and clothes. Not finding anything, they beat her until she was bleeding from her nose and a lot of her hair was pulled out. Yan Hongli ordered prisoners to strip her. Wang Yuhua, Jia Fengmei, Liu Xiujua, and a prisoner named Chen Yan stripped her and forced her to stand without moving for an hour. Ms. Wang was dizzy and bleeding everywhere. During the 13 months, she suffered numerous brutal beatings and was provided little food. Guards threatened to beat her if she asked to see the captain. The people who tortured her were Ke Jibin, Yan Hongli, Ruan Daguo, Wang Yan, Wang Yanhua, Li Shengli, Zhao Nan, Zhang Yongzhong, Liu Xiujuan, Wang Yuhua, Jia Fengmei, Wang Weiwei, Zhang Xin, Gao Wei, Liu Xiuzhen, Gou Yamin, Li Xiaofeng, Captains Qin and Xie (their first names unknown), Cai Jun, An Xuehua, Tian Yan and Liang Xiaohui.