(Clearwisdom.net) Zhao Jucai, a Falun Gong practitioner in Yidu City, Hubei Province, was arrested in March 2006 at his home and was detained in Yidu City's No. 1 Detention Center. In the beginning of July 2006, Zhao Jucai was sentenced to a five years of imprisonment. However, another court trial was held on August 31, 2006, in which his term was extended for another two years.

Before the second trial, Zhao Jucai was almost disabled. He had trouble walking because he was so weak as a result of severe persecution. During the trial, he was accused of the crime of "Destroying Law Implements" by the Yichang City Intermediate Court, Yidu City Court and Yidu City's prosecutor. Zhao Jucai denied all accusations. However, he was told that his "crime" was underestimated in the first trial, and the total term would be extended to seven years. Nearly ten judges and court staff members were involved in the sentencing, most of whom came from Yidu City's National Security Brigade and the local 610 Office, while only Zhao Jucai's wife and his five-year-old son were allowed to sit in the public gallery.

According to inside information, the Yichang City Intermediate Court once complained that the Yidu City Court did not send them the corresponding materials in advance for review. This indicates that the Yichang City Intermediate Court hastily sentenced Mr. Zhao Jucai.

As a result of persecution, Mr. Zhao Jucai suffers from edema all over his body and is partially disabled. He vomited all of the food he tried to eat, so he now lives on intravenous injections and is on the verge of death. He looks like he's in his sixties, although he's only in his forties. Mr. Zhao Jucai applied for release on medical parole, but was rejected by Yidu City's 610 Office, the National Security Brigade, and the jail authorities.

Zhao Jucai is from Zhoujiahe Village, Honghuatao Town, in Yidu City. Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, he has been arrested five times. He was taken into custody three times and sent to forced labor camps twice for three years in total. In April 2001, when he was in the notorious Shayang Forced Labor Camp of Hubei Province, Mr. Zhao was tortured by the guards in Team 5 with the "Carrying a Sword" torture method and was then forced to kneel down and was beaten. Later, he was taken to the cell and was tortured with electric batons, and the guards banged his head against the wall. Yang, the section head of the 610 Office, who was present, said, "We are taking advantage of loopholes in the law system to beat you. What can you do to me?"

Owing to the torture in Shayang Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Zhao's legs were disabled. He frequently fell to the ground, but he was still forced to run by the guards. Therefore, his legs were seriously injured, and did not fully recover after he was released.

Late at night on September 23, 2005, Zhao Jucai's home was once again searched by the police from Honghuatao Town Police Station. He was wanted by the police, so he had to become homeless to avoid arrest and further persecution. In February 2006, when Mr. Zhao came back to see his family, the police broke into his home and took him away. He was detained in Yidu City's No. 1 Detention Center, where the police tortured him to force him to make a confession.

Mr. Zhao Jucai's wife went to Yidu City's National Security Brigade several times to apply for family visits, but every time she was rejected by police officers Liu Yunsheng and Liu Dinghua.

Currently, Mr. Zhao's family is having financial difficulties. His oldest daughter, who graduated from high school, went away to work since they cannot afford to send her to college. His wife, a peasant, works at home, while his son just began elementary school.

Persons and institutions responsible for the persecution of Zhao Jucai:

Wang Xuping, the deputy head of Yidu City's National Security Brigade.

Chen Ping, the political commissar of Yidu City's Police Department.

Li, the head of Yidu City's National Security Brigade

Yidu City Detention Center: 86-717-4825925

Honghuatao Town Police Station: 86-717-4881628

CCP Political & Law Committee of Yidu City: 86-717-4822357

Yidu City Police Department: 86-717-4902088,86-717-4900431, 86-717-4822570

Hu Xingru, chief justice of Yichang City Intermediate Court

Li Lanfang, deputy chief justice of Yichang City Intermediate Court

Zhang Ling, director of Yichang City Intermediate Court

Feedback email address for chief justice of Yichang City Intermediate Court: ycfy_yz@chinacourt.org

Chief justice office of Yichang City's Intermediate Court: 86-717-6341605 86-717-6341090 86-717-6341098

No. 2 Criminal Court: 86-717-6344187, 86-717-6341868

Liu, the judge in charge of Mr. Zhao Jucai's case

October 3, 2006