(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, Minghui Weekly has used Teacher's two articles "Rationality" and "Dafa is Indestructible" from Essentials for Further Advancement II as a preface. Every time I read Minghui Weekly, I was very clear that only doing the three things well counted as cultivation. So in my everyday life, besides Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and old forces, I vowed to do "truth-clarification" work, such as posting truth clarification posters, mailing letters, and printing materials, and I took these materials with me wherever I went. I did this in my residential neighborhood, at my workplace, at the supermarket, and at the farmer's market. Anyone who came into my office would be told the facts about Falun Gong. I also personally persuaded people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

From a superficial point of view, I was "telling the truth" throughout the day. I also felt that I was following what we were supposed to do in our cultivation process, breaking through the barriers and keeping up with Fa rectification when the situation changed, unlike the practitioners who went astray in thinking that spreading the Nine Commentaries and "three withdrawals" was getting involved in politics. As a result, I was a little proud of myself. When other practitioners spoke about very diligent fellow practitioners, I knew that clarifying the truth should focus on the actual effect and not the superficial form; yet the old forces took advantage of my attachment to comfort, and I even used Teacher's Fa to cover up that attachment.

This situation did not change until one day when I read Teacher's article in Minghui Weekly, and the phrase "clarifying the truth" jolted my heart. The words practically popped out at me, and I wondered, "Why did I not see it clearly before?" Although I had read it many times with my mouth, I always understood it in my heart as "telling the truth." But it's not enough to just "tell the truth;" we must be focused on "clarifying."

"Telling the truth" and "clarifying the truth" are not the same. What I had done was just "telling the truth," which was a far cry from the requirement of "clarifying the truth." Only by clarifying the truth can we help ordinary people recognize the evil essence of the CCP and then persuade them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Then, in turn, they may also persuade their own friends or family members to quit the CCP. If all of us can do this well, the number of withdrawals will far surpass ten million.

When I am clear about this point, I pay much more attention to "clarifying" the truth, and I make it clear to the people that:

1. Falun Gong is a cultivation of the mind, which guides people to be good.

2. The forces persecuting the righteous can only be evil, and against the celestial law. Therefore, the CCP is an evil party.

3. When humankind is not virtuous, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. If human beings don't do something about it, Heaven will. Those who joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations are regarded as accomplices to the party.

4. If ordinary people want to have a good future, they must erase the evil symbol first. This is not a matter of opposing somebody or overthrowing somebody, but an individual's choice of eternal of life or death.

5. Give them the phone number and FAX number to quit the CCP, or put up a poster encouraging people to renounce the CCP.

6. Help them choose an alias, and remind them not to repeat their withdrawal declaration.

I found that the above points can be clarified in less than three minutes and normally lead to very good results. Most people agree to quit the CCP on the spot. Some want to use their real names to quit. I am so glad to see them make the right choice. I really appreciate Teacher for his kind reminder on this issue.

Finally, I am also grateful to the editors of Minghui Weekly, who created this platform for us to learn from others' strong points and improve together. Heshi!

July 22, 2007