(Clearwisdom.net) I have a very weak physical constitution. For a long time I had to take many types of medication and injections and I even had to be hospitalized. In March 1997, I was most fortunate to be introduced to the practice of Falun Gong. My body was restored to good health through the practice. During the following two years, I didn't spend a single penny on medicine. I introduced the practice to my mother. Through practicing, her dependency on medicine was greatly reduced, and, in the end, her health was fully restored and she didn't need to be on any medication. Both my mother and I became healthy. We started to enjoy the experience and feeling of a true sense of lightness within a healthy body. After cultivating for some time, my mother saw some scenes in other dimensions as well as other things that ordinary people cannot see.

On July 20, 1999, the persecution of Falun Gong started. Many fellow practitioners went to Beijing to validate the Fa. I was very worried. The three generations in our family ranged from my 80-year-old mother to my 10-year-old daughter. I thought that I couldn't travel as far away as Beijing, but it was possible for me to step forward to validate the Fa in our area. So I went to the Gaoshi Police Station to clarify the truth. At the police station, Liu Renpin, the police officer on duty, asked me the purpose of my visit. I responded that I had come to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, to seek justice for Dafa, and to restore the good name of our Master. I was illegally locked up for two days and a night before I was finally released. There were many other practitioners that were already locked up in the cells. From then on, whenever any "sensitive date" approached, the police came to my home to harass my family, confiscate my family's property, and intimidate, threaten, insult, and persecute us.

On February 4, 2003, policeman Liu Renpin organized a group of people to burst into my home and conduct a raid. They seized all of my Falun Gong books, all of our truth-clarification materials, the Falun Gong lecture tapes and exercise music. They also arrested me and took me to the police station. After three days they sent me to Weiyuan County Jail for five days. The police then transfered me and a few other fellow practitioners to Neijiang City Detention Center.

Neijiang Detention Center is a hell on earth. The police were notorious for their brutal tortures, beating, cursing, and extortion of money from the inmates. Their treatment of Falun Gong practitioners was the most brutal and cruel. I was imprisoned in Neijiang for about half a year.

During this period, my 80-year-old mother was left alone by herself without anyone to take care of her. My young daughter was compelled to leave home to find work. Out of concern for me, her daughter, my mother visited the Gaoshi Police Station to demand my release. Policemen Liu Renpin, Li Gang and others shouted insults at her. They also threatened and intimidated her, saying, "Your daughter is currently squatting in the water dungeon at Neijiang Detention Center. You have no hope of seeing her, so there is no need for you to come back."

My mother's health began to deteriorate due to the harassment and her worry about my situation.

On her second visit to the police station to request to see me, my mother was already seriously ill. The police continued to threaten, intimidate, and deceive her. They told her, "Since your daughter practices Falun Gong, she refuses to acknowledge her family. She does not want you as her mother nor does she want her daughter. Why not give up on her! This old widow is also incompetent, so incapable of even raising a granddaughter of only ten years old, that she had to sent her out to earn her own livelihood. It's better for her to die than to live. She should be shot by the firing squad." These were the lies and insults they used to deceive my mother. After my mother returned home, she was so upset that she cried every day. Her illness got worse and she was hospitalized several times.

On her third visit to the police station to demand my release, my mother told the police that she knew the daughter she had raised, and whatever they said, she would not believe it. Whether she was living or dead, she wanted to see her daughter. The policemen continued with their slander and lies, saying, "Your daughter will not return. She doesn't want you or her daughter. All she cares about now is herself." Unable to overcome the shock and grief of worry, once again my mother was hospitalized because of her critical illness.

When my mother was critically ill, my daughter rushed back from out of town to visit her. When she found out that her grandmother was in such a bad shape, she went to the police station to request my release from detention to visit my dying mother. At first the policemen wouldn't allow it, but through repeated begging and her final personal assurances, they agreed that I could go. On the afternoon of July 24, the police allowed me to go home. The next morning my mother died. Her death was an unnecessary tragedy, a result of the relentless persecution. In essence, my mother was murdered.

After my mother passed away, the authorities wouldn't allow me to go free. Using personal guarantees, they deceived me into going to the police station. I was illegally arrested and sent to Neijiang Brainwashing Center to undergo further persecution.

No matter how they persecute me, I will cultivate Falun Dafa to the end.