Solemn Declaration

I obtained the Fa when I was suffering from various diseases in 1994. Teacher's great compassion saved my life. All of my family and friends said, "Falun Dafa is good." After July 20, 1999, due to the persecution by Jiang's regime, the retirement office forced me to promise "not to gather and not practice" and to turn in all Dafa books. In 2000, I was once again deceived by the false articles circulated by the persecutors and I developed a deviated understanding of Teacher's Fa. As a result, I read only Zhuan Falun and articles published before July 20, 1999 and ignored Teacher's lectures and articles on Clearwisdom.net. I even believed that the articles on Clearwisdom were fabricated by ill-intentioned people. My fellow practitioners compassionately explained the truth to me many times, but I refused to believe them. I went on a deviated path and followed the arrangements of the old forces. As a result, I brought negative effects to Dafa, harmed myself, and hampered the progress of my cultivation. Recently, I went to the home of a fellow practitioner. She patiently helped me and showed me the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" video. She also lent me many materials. Shocked and in despair, I diligently studied Teacher's lectures from recent years and other materials from Minghui/Clearwisdom.net. With Teacher's compassion and expressed worry, each sentence was like an alarm bell ringing to wake me up. I solemnly declared, "All the signed documents are invalid. I am thoroughly separated from the old forces and deny any arrangement by them. I will be a dignified Dafa practitioner in the Fa rectification period. By doing the three things well, I will grasp every opportunity to save sentient beings."

Pan Yuzhen

June 12, 2005


* * *

Solemn Declaration

One day this year, I was arrested for distributing truth-clarifying cards to elementary students. The police illegally interrogated me until 1:00 a.m. and forced me to sign a statement, give fingerprints, and recite a script while being videotaped. They then held me in the detention room. Later, the police ransacked my house and took away all my Dafa books, Teacher's lecture tapes, exercises tapes and other truth-clarifying materials. I was sent to the detention center where I was detained for over a month. During the detention, the police forced me to sign two copies of pre-written statements. Being illiterate, I signed and fingerprinted them without knowing what it was all about. I was only able to read Zhuan Falun after learning Falun Dafa. It was Teacher's compassion that saved my life and taught me the true meaning of life. However, during the detention, I lacked righteous thoughts and cooperated with the evil. I did things that damaged Dafa. Here, I solemnly declare that everything I did or said at the detention center that did not conform to the requirements of Dafa is invalid. The signed documents are invalid. I made up my mind to let go of every human attachment and am determined to cultivate. By doing the three things well, I will try my best to make up for the loss I have caused.

Yang Nengwen

August 8, 2005