Facts of the Persecution

Dafa Practitioners Including Xie Hanzhu Sentenced to Heavy Prison Terms

Dafa practitioner Xie Hanzhu from Guangdong Province was arrested around September 16, 2005, and was sent to the No. 3 Prison in Guangdong Province. It has been heard that practitioner Liu Liping was arrested along with Xie Hanzhu and was sentenced to twelve years in prison. Practitioner Guo Yafen was sentenced to eleven years in prison and has been sent to the Guangzhou Women's Prison. The whereabouts of practitioners Zhou Jinrong and Zhao Yumei are unknown. It is said that practitioner Zhong Xiling, who was arrested earlier, was sentenced to five years in prison. She is being persecuted at the No. 3 Prison. Practitioner Li Meiping was sentenced to four years in prison and is being held at the Guangzhou Women's Prison.