(Clearwisdom.net) Some fellow practitioners have published their understandings on illness karma. I have had a similar experience. It wasn't easy to see through it and I struggled in my cultivation when I couldn't figure out how to deal with illness karma. In fact, when we think we have illness karma we are accepting the notion that we are ill. We then think we are eliminating our karma and passing tribulations when we feel sick. We try our best to bear it and allow the old forces to persecute us. We aren't able to break through it. Our cultivation progress is then delayed and some fellow practitioners have even lost their lives because of "illness karma." We all know that practitioners do not have illness. However, why do some of us experience sickness? It is because these practitioners don't have a clear understanding of the Fa principles. Therefore their thoughts are not righteous and they don't look at their problems from the Fa. Instead, they try to explain it using ordinary society's notions and logic.

The second that we feel illness karma coming, we need to try our best to eliminate it and fight against the persecution. If we take it as our personal karma, this would be the same as recognizing the old forces' arrangements. The evil will take advantage of our thoughts and try to destroy us. Some fellow practitioners take it as a part of their personal cultivation and try to bear it. Actually, I was one of them. During the past few years, the old forces persecuted me so badly that I couldn't get a peaceful moment. I thought I was a special case. Later when I extended my time of sending forth righteous thoughts and increased the times of sending forth righteous thoughts, I found that my situation improved. I came to realize that my righteous thoughts were not sufficient and I must have had an unclear understanding of the Fa principles.

When I became enlightened to this Fa principle I was determined to completely disintegrate the old forces' arrangements and the evil Communist spirit's control over me. I immediately felt a thick layer of things being stripped off my whole body. I felt very light in my body and my heart. I didn't encounter any illness karma in the following year. I know that Teacher helped me once I became determined to solve my problems. Since then, whenever I don't feel very well, I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and I don't allow the evil to persecute or interfere with me.

When I finally made this breakthrough, I came to understand the more high-level Fa principles, as Teacher has asked us to improve our enlightenment quality, enlighten to the righteous Fa principles, study the Fa more, and deny the persecution. Denying the persecution is a Fa principle. Why do we need to deny the persecution? It is because Dafa practitioners' cultivation paths, their approach and goals during the Fa-rectification period are totally different from those of cultivators in the past. Simply bearing hardship is the old cosmos' Fa principle. When we deny the persecution we get rid of this old Fa principle. Therefore, trying to bear persecution or torture is the same as recognizing the old forces' arrangements. It will not help us with our cultivation. Instead, it could destroy us. It is not true that the more we suffer, the higher the level we can reach. We need to improve our understandings of the Fa and understand the Fa from the Fa and not allow ourselves to be driven by everyday society's notions. We need to do well in all aspects of the three things that Teacher asked us to do. We need to completely deny evil interference whenever we encounter it. We need to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil when we realize that it is evil interference. An improvement based on the Fa principles is a true improvement.