(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Dong Jingya, a building designer and a Falun Gong practitioner from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, participated in rescuing fellow practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong. She was arrested for her role in aiding Gao Rongrong, who was herself later arrested again, and tortured to death. Ms. Dong went on hunger strike to resist the persecution in Masanjia Labor Camp. So far, it has been nearly four months and she is now in critical condition. The authorities at Masanjia said Ms. Dong is still fasting and added, "Absolutely do not allow her to see visitors."

Late in July 2005, when someone who was concerned about her called the labor camp asking to visit Ms. Dong, a policeman surnamed Jiang, from the 1st Division said: "She is not allowed to see any visitors--definitely no visitors." When Jiang heard that the caller had exposed the barbaric force-feeding, drug injections, and other persecution Ms. Dong and other Dafa practitioners in Masanjia had been forced to endure, and that the evildoers would be investigated in accordance with the law, he said: "You're threatening me," and quickly hung up the telephone.

In late July, a middle-aged policewoman said on the telephone: "We absolutely do not allow Dong Jingya to have visitors unless the visitor has a letter of introduction." After she learned that the visitor had a letter of introduction, she hurriedly changed her statement: "Even if you have a letter of introduction, it is absolutely not allowed! Absolutely not allowed!" Then the visitor asked the policewoman why she said so "absolutely." Was it because the persecution Ms. Dong had undergone had been exposed? The visitor told her that her conduct has been recorded and is on file. Evildoers will be judged according to heavenly principles and justice will be met. The policewoman lowered her voice to say: "If you want to see her, you must find the chief of the squad she was in." Then she said incoherently: "The duty chiefs take turns every several days." Then she hung up. The caller called back and nobody answered the phone.

At the beginning of July, the chief of the 1st Division, Ren Hongzan (female in her 20s) said to Ms. Dong's family members over the telephone: "She is not in need of anything, but she is short of money for medical expenses. Send money! "

Masanjia refuses to disclose any news regarding Ms. Dong. We only know her health is extremely bad. As early as in June, the wicked doctor Cao Yujie inserted a tube into her mouth to feed her and had her tied to an iron bed where she injected her with six bottles of drugs every day. She was sent many times to a "medical university" and to Masanjia Labor Camp hospital to be "rescued".

Ms Dong graduated from Shenyang Architectural Engineering College in 1994. She was engaged in architectural design work at the Liaoning Provincial Construction Design Institute. She worked diligently and had a professional attitude. In 1997, she started to practice Falun Gong. She benefited very much from the practice both in body and mind. After the persecution began, she was compelled to be destitute and homeless for three to four years. On March 6, 2005, she was illegally arrested by Shenyang Municipal Security Division. She was detained in the 2nd unit for women in Masanjia Labor Camp where she fasted about three months to protest the persecution. She once had gastroesophageal reflux and vomited, she could not see things clearly, her kidneys failed, her cardiac muscles lacked sufficient blood, and she exhibited various other serious symptoms.

The address of Masanjia Labor Camp: Masanjia Village, Masanjia Town, Yuhong District, Shenyang city, zip code: 110145

Telephones: switchboard is 860-24-89210074
Chief: Zhang Mingqiang, Wang Wei
The 2nd unit for female: 860-24-89210454
Chief of the 2nd unit for female: Su Jing Political Commissar: Wang Naimin
The 1st Division of the 2nd unit for female (Strict Management Team): 860-24-89210406
Chief of the 1st Division of the 2nd unit for female: Li Mingyu (female)
Vice-chief: Wang Shuzheng (female) Xie Chengdong (male)
Wang Shuzheng: 860-139822076083 The 3rd team: Huang Haiyan 860-1306610598
The wicked police prison doctor: Cao Yujie (female) Chen Bing (female)
The 2nd Division: 860-24-892400743
The 3rd Division: 860-24-89212252

Written on August 10, 2005