Around noon on a day in March of 2002, I was having lunch with my family when several people broke into my home. They claimed that they worked for the 610 Office in Yanqing County, Beijing. They abducted me to the Yanqing Brainwashing Class where I suffered ruthless mental torture. I was forced to watch TV programs and listen to tapes that slandered Dafa and Teacher. They also forced us to denounce Dafa and Teacher and to step on Teacher's photo. I refused to do that. As a result, I was beaten into unconsciousness twice with wounds covering my body and I was unable to sleep at night.

People from the 610 Office told me, "The central government has given the order. Any practitioner who refuses to denounce Falun Gong or be transformed will be sent to a labor camp. If they still refuse in the labor camp, they will be severely beaten. If death occurs, it will be reported as suicide. Nowadays it is the Chinese Communist Party that controls the power. If it says black, it is black. If it says white, then it is white. Anyone who refuses to denounce Falun Gong will never manage to come out of the labor camp alive. If you are not 'transformed,' you are dead."

All of the following I have either experienced or witnessed in the labor camp:

Because I refused to write a guarantee statement, I was sentenced to two years in a labor camp by Yanqing Public Security. I was detained at the Daxing County Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing. I suffered all kinds of brutal tortures, including being beaten, hung up, shocked with electric batons, forced to sit in awkward and painful positions and deprived of sleep. During the cold winter days the police incited ten criminals to pour cold water on me. I fainted immediately and fell to the ground. Upon regaining consciousness, two guards shocked me with high voltage electric batons. My body consequently jumped involuntarily.

I also witnessed the torture suffered by a female practitioner in her twenties. The police incited several drug addicts to tie her up to a bed. They then sat on her abdomen, chest, legs and arms and force-fed her with two bowls of salty water. Her abdomen immediately expanded to such an extent that it looked almost about to burst. Then they released her. She was unable to get up. Police then ordered one criminal to pull her up and leaned her against the wall. Another inmate ruthlessly kicked and stomped on her abdomen. Water gushed out from her mouth and nose and her abdomen was no longer expanded. They then force-fed her again and repeated the procedure of stomping on her. After several repetitions of this torture, the police ordered the inmates to tie her up to the bed for two days straight, during which they force-fed her once again. She was forced to relieve herself on the bed. On the third day when I saw her, she was mentally disorientated and did not say a word. She would not speak, and only stared at the wall motionlessly. Her face was covered with big lumps. On the fourth day, the vicious perpetrators transferred her to the second floor and escalated the torture. I heard that she died on the eleventh day. They notified her family that she carried on a hunger strike and died from stomach bleeding.

In Tuanhe Labor Camp, senior practitioners are still subjected to forced intense labor and routine army marches. I once saw an older woman unable to keep up the march. The police forced her to crawl forward anyways. Some practitioners suffered broken arms, and others' faces had thick burned skin as a result of electric shocks. It was truly miserable. When practitioners' families came to visit, the police would allow the practitioners to wash their clothes so that they appeared to be clean and well looked after. In order to cover up their crimes, they would allow practitioners to eat some vegetables, but they strictly monitored the conversation and never allowed any leakage of the torture. If anyone on the outside reported on their crimes, they would come down to each cell and ask who told the truth. Then they would escalate the torture of everyone.

The above is my own experience in a labor camp where I personally witnessed the torture of Falun Gong practitioners.

Aug 10th 2005