My withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations has brought me blessings.

I am an elderly person living in a village in northeast China. Shortly after the Spring Festival this year I developed cerebrovascular disease due to old age. It was quite serious. We went to see doctors and had injections, but it was not effective after a long time. I was quite concerned and I thought I would die. I could not eat or sleep. My wife said: "This is persecution from the CCP. You used to be a member of the CCP Youth League. Write a statement to resign from it." My wife found fellow practitioners and also told them about the danger of the vicious party.

I thought it over for a long time. Is it really that serious? According to the prophecies, my future will be beautiful and peaceful. Why don't I want to transition to a beautiful future? I do not want to die together with the CCP. I want a good life. I asked my wife to find me pen and paper, and then I wrote an in-depth resignation statement and sent it out right away.

In less than 10 minutes I felt very comfortable. It was like magic. Suddenly my eyes and my heart became very refreshed, and I no longer felt ill. I said, "Let's tell our daughter and relatives and ask them to write their statements quickly." I told all my relatives, and they also wrote statements to resign from the CCP. I want to tell people not to underestimate this small statement; it is a choice of life and death.

Since I wrote this statement I was able to quit smoking and drinking although I did not try to. Maybe Buddha and gods are taking care of me. Smoking and drinking are harmful to one's health. Now, I feel like throwing up when I smell alcohol. I am truly grateful to Dafa, Master, and Dafa disciples who helped me. Thank You!

My Friends and Relatives All Resigned

A fellow practitioner uses every chance to clarify the truth to people. Her friends and relatives all wrote statements resigning from the CCP, the CCP Youth League, and the CCP Young Pioneer Team. Even her father-in-law far away in her hometown resigned after listening to her. Something especially worth mentioning here is how she clarified the truth to her ex-husband. She firmly believes in "saving people." With her child she went to see her ex-husband many times to clarify the truth, introducing him to The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Her husband changed from not believing to firmly believing in it. He was grateful to the kind-hearted practitioner and quickly wrote his statement resigning from the CCP Youth League.

August 11, 2005