(Clearwisdom.net) In recent years, it appears that English teaching has received a heavy emphasis in Taiwan's preschool education. In order to meet parents' requirements, longer time slots have been assigned for English lessons in many preschools and nurseries. Some even claimed that their teachings are all in English. Under such an environment, some kindergartens which have long-term goals still persist in conveying traditional Chinese culture and morality. They utilize interesting ways to carry on the valuable Chinese culture.

"Ancient Chinese ways to keep good health" seminar for young reporters

Young reporters enthusiastically asking questions

Young reporters enthusiastically asking questions

On the evening of May 31, 2005, Mr. Hu Naiwen, a traditional Chinese doctor was invited to attend the young reporters' seminar at the Minghui Doudou kindergarten and gave a speech. The theme of Dr. Hu's speech was, "Ancient Chinese way to keep good health". Dr. Hu introduced in a lively way the essence of how ancient Chinese people kept fit to children and their parents. Children carried microphones and cameras as well as the press cards that they made with their parents over the weekend. After Dr. Hu's speech, young host Lin Jie announced that Dr. Hu was open to questions. Children's innocent questions reflected their interest and curiosity in Chinese medicine. The activities attracted 900f the parents, who expressed that the activities were really successful and meaningful. Before the seminar concluded, Miss Yeh, an instructor from a publishing company addressed the seminar. She said that this kind of class was really good to inspire children and stimulate their potential. She also acknowledged the school's thoughtful effort.

More and more scientists confirm the health benefits brought by meditation. Meanwhile, president of the kindergarten also acknowledged that learning and practicing Falun Gong really allows these children to become healthier and more harmonious and wiser in interpersonal relationships. The president hoped that more people would become confident in our traditional culture. She believed that such standing point would really allow our children to establish themselves in the world.

The following is a report orally accounted by a young reporter and recorded by her parents:

Young reporter: I'm Lian Xu, reporter from Rabbit TV Station. I've got a question for Dr. Hu. Were there toothbrushes and toothpaste in ancient times? How did people to keep their teeth healthy?

Dr. Hu: There were toothbrushes and toothpastes in ancient times. Herbal medicine was used as toothpaste, while toothbrushes were made of wood. Therefore, people were able to keep their teeth healthy.

In the end, Lian Xu said, many people attended the seminar in the evening. Dr. Hu knows lots of things about ancient times. I think he is great!