Facts of the Persecution

Brutal persecution cases of Falun Dafa practitioners at the Gansu Province No. 1 Forced Labor Camp

Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Gang is near heart failure due to persecution from the perpetrators. Between May 2004 and June 2004, they permitted Chen Gang only three hours of sleep per day. During the daytime they forced him to do intensive military training.

At the end of 2004, the perpetrators tortured practitioner Cui Yonglin, and Chen Gang held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. After eight days on hunger strike, Chen Gang was at the brink of death and was sent to the labor camp hospital. He was held beyond his term.

Practitioner Cui Yonglin broke out of the labor camp and brainwashing class with the power of righteous thoughts. He was arrested when working as a contractor in the southern part of China and sent to forced labor for the second time. In August 2004, the perpetrators handcuffed him to a bed rail. In the evening of October 1, 2004, the perpetrators brutally beat Cui Yonglin, causing him to bleed profusely. They held him in solitary confinement for more than ten days and later extended his sentence by three months. In late 2004 they again detained Cui Yonglin in solitary confinement for over ten days. His hands were severely injured and nearly disabled from long-term handcuffing.

Practitioner Si Yongqian suffered a mental breakdown from savage torture. In April 2004, the perpetrators handcuffed him to the bedrail for three days, and they un-cuffed him only when he had a non-stop nose bleed. In June they locked him in solitary confinement, where they spread his arms and handcuffed him to the bedrail until the handcuffs cut into his wrists and his feet swelled up so severely he could not walk. His sentence was extended by more than three months. He was allowed to sleep for only a small amount of time each day and he remained in a trance.

Practitioner Bai Guixiang had his hands cuffed behind his back for four months, during which time he was forced to stand and was not allowed to sleep. On the evening of April 1, 2005, the perpetrators verbally abused and beat practitioner Bai Guixiang.

In March 2005, the perpetrators beat practitioner Jing Zhanchun and held him in solitary confinement for ten days.

In February 2004, practitioner Chai Qiang was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. He was not allowed to sleep and was handcuffed. He was tortured for four days and four nights.

In 2002, drug addicts beat practitioner Ma Yuefen and injured her calves. The police didn't allow her to see a doctor, and as a result she became crippled.

Practitioner Zhang Xuehong was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. About nine months after his term had expired, the local police arrested and detained him in a detention center for eight months. Later, they sentenced him to three years of forced labor.

Practitioner Bao Rongtai, 60 years old, was arrested along with his 51-year-old wife Wang Maohua when they were distributing truth clarification materials in Wen County, Gansu Province. They were sentenced to three years of forced labor.


Details of the Persecution at the Gansu Province No. 1 Forced Labor Camp:

In February 2004, a Special Control Group to persecute Falun Gong was founded at the No. 1 Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province, the Sixteenth Group of the Sixth Division. The perpetrators at this group are the most vicious. They use all kinds of methods to torture the practitioners and use a "closed-in" approach to isolate practitioners from outside world. In the past year, the practitioners that were held here include Yang Yongming, Yang Jiuhe and Zhang Xuehong from Tibetan Autonomic Region of southern Gansu Province; Cao Qiang, Pu Jianping, Bao Rongtai, and Zhao Yongyu from southern Gansu Province; Liu Yaokui, Liu Yonghong and Si Yongqian from Pingliang area; Chen Gang and Wang Youquan from Tianshui City; Yang Weicheng and Mao Yanlu from Qingyang City; Zhang Ming and Wang Wenqi from Dingxi City; Liu Ruxing from Longxi County; Ma Zufu, Cui Yonglin, Feng Xinghu, Zhan Tingli and Xu Chengsheng from Baiyin City; Zhang Fuchang, Lou Zhongming, Duan Chengyuan, Wang Wenliang, Li Ziqiang, and Feng Yongyan from Linxia Hui Autonomic Region; Chai Qiang, Bai Guixiang, Zhang Jihong, Ning Gang, Song Changyun and Yu Jihai from Lanzhou City; Ma Zhongwen and He Gejun from Zhangye City; Ma Shengzhong from Wuwei City; Ma Yuefen, Wang Shukun, Yang Xiaochuan, Chen Xuzhong, Mao Peifu and Wang Yufu from Jinchang City; Pang Xiaolong and Jing Zhanchun from Jiuquan City and Dong Xuezhou and Li Xueyuan from Jiayuguan City.