I am Li Huifeng, a 32 year old Falun Gong practitioner from Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province.

At 5pm on January 22, 2001, I was taken away from my home by the policemen from the Third Criminal Police Squad of the Jianhua District, Qiqihar City. The next day I was sent to the Second Detention Center of Qiqihar. In July 2001, I was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment by Jianhua District Court, found "guilty" of the charges that the authorities fabricated and imposed on me.

I didn't give in to the verdict of the first trial and lawfully appealed to the intermediate court. I wrote them a letter. However, the Intermediate Court told a lie and said that I had given in to the verdict of the first trial and they would not hear the appeal. On January 24, 2002, I was sent to the Third Prison of Harbin City. On July 1, 2004, I was transferred to Daqing Hongweixing Prison and I have been held there until this day.

Ever since I was illegally arrested on January 22, 2001, the evil police and the prisoners under their control have brutally tortured me. Details of what happened are as follows:

Around 5pm on January 22, 2001, 5 practitioners including myself were staying at the home of Wenjie, another practitioner. Suddenly, 5 policemen of the Third Vice Squad broke into the place. They dragged us away and took us to their office, in our bare feet and with our heads covered.

Immediately after that, they interrogated and tortured me in an attempt to extort some information. They handcuffed my wrists behind my back, and hung my hands to an iron hook that was two meters above ground. At the same time, they tied my feet with the same rope, and they pulled the rope to stretch out my body. It was extremely painful. Furthermore, the policemen kicked me to make my body swing back and forth. They shouted, "My pleasure is built on your suffering!" I was in agony. They then placed an electric baton on my genital area and shocked me. This kind of torture is literally called "On the great hang". I suffered an electric burn to my genitals and I could not lift both my arms for six months. The next day, I was sent to the Second Detention Center of Qiqihar City, and there I was tortured for one year. I became emaciated. In July 2001, I was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment and deprived of political rights for four years by Jianhua District Court of Qiqihar City according to the charges that the authority fabricated and imposed on me. I wrote down the words "I refuse to accept the verdict and intend to appeal" in the file of the court service.

After returning to the Detention Center, I wrote my letters of appeal and sent them to the Intermediate Court. However, the verdict of the 2nd trial actually stated that Wenjie (a practitioner who was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment) and I accepted the verdict and did not appeal. The court fabricates documents like these in order to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

On January 24, 2002, I was sent to the assembly team for training at the Third Prison of Harbin City. I refused to accept the charge that the government imposed on me, so I was sent to a small cell and was cruelly tortured by the head of the assembly team named Huang, and another guard named Gong Dawei.

It was February and the weather was so cold, yet they did not allow me to wear woolen clothing. Instead, they opened the windows. During the evening, they did not give me anything to keep my body warm. Each day they gave me only a little bit of corn paste. Two prisoners were always present to keep a watch on me.

They detained me there for 39 days, and they only released me when I had been beaten to the verge of death.

Half a month later, I was transferred to the sixth supervision area, and there they appointed prisoners keep a watch on me day and night. My freedom was restricted and I was forced to perform hard labor, write reports on what I was thinking about, such as the so-called "three letters" or "the letters of exposure and critique on Falun Gong", etc. ("The three letters" are documents that the practitioners in prisons are forced to write through cruel torture, to demonstrate that they have given up their belief in Falun Dafa. The so-called "three letters" include "the repentant letter", "the letter to criticize Falun Gong" and "the letter to reveal how badly a practitioner has been affected". The contents of these letters are fabricated.) The Captains Zhu Wenchen and Tang Xinmin cursed and insulted me. They also seized all the money and parcels that my family had mailed to me. As a result, I could not afford to buy anything, not even toiletries. They forced me to sever all communications with my family. Tang Xinmin had ordered a criminal prisoner to beat me, but fortunately, the prisoner did not attack me because he had a good impression of Dafa practitioners.

The directors of the 610 Office in Harbin Prison, Chen Shuhai and Li Fucai, forcefully tried to brainwash me and other Dafa practitioners. They forced us to watch videos that denounced Falun Gong. From 2001 to 2004, the evil policemen in Harbin Prison ordered prisoners to beat Dafa practitioners. The practitioners were either beaten to death or left with horrendous injuries. On July 1 2004, due to external pressure and the accusations lodged by practitioners within the prison, the policemen transferred 108 Dafa practitioners at Harbin Prison to prisons in Daqing, Tailai and Mudanjian cities, so as to cover up the truth about the persecution and continue their evil conduct. Together with 29 other practitioners, I was transferred to Hongweixing Prison in Daqing City that day.

To cooperate with the Reform through Labor Bureau in Heilongjiang Province and conceal the facts about the persecution, Daqing Prison seized all personal belongings of 30 practitioners, except for our clothes, bedding and toiletries. To date, they have still not returned them to us. On July 9, 2004, I was allocated to the 1st supervision area, where I had no personal freedom. I had no rights for family visiting, and my appeal letters to the Procuratorate of Daqing Prison were seized.

The persecution has lasted for 5 years', seriously damaging both my body and mind. My wife Zhang Shuzhe and I were illegally arrested on the same day. She was first detained at the Correction Center and later sentenced to imprisonment. She is still suffering persecution at Harbin Women's Prison. My family has been broken, and all our family members from both my wife's family and my own have lived in distress for a long time.

To every righteous nation with a conscience and to people all over the world, I hereby solemnly lodge my charges against all those who engaged in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners, those responsible in Police Departments at each level, Detention Centers, Procuratorates, Courthouses, Reform through Labor Bureaus, Correction Centers, "610 offices", the 3rd Prison of Harbin City, the Harbin Women's Prison, and the Hongweixing Prison in Daqing City.

Let every virtuous country and person all over the world help wash away the humiliation and uphold justice!

Plaintiff: Dafa Practitioner Mr. Li Huifeng

November 15, 2004

February 13, 2005