(Clearwisdom.net) With our Teacher's help, all of the students in our class became Falun Gong practitioners. We have benefited a lot, both physically and spiritually, after we started cultivation. Here we want to share with you some of our experiences in "thinking of others first."

Young Falun Gong practitioner L: "Thinking of others first" makes me much happier.

Before I learned Falun Gong I was always the first one to grab good food, good toys or games. I fought with my younger brother and I always made my mother angry.

After I started the fifth grade, our teacher asked us to read Zhuan Falun. After studying the Fa, my xinxing improved. Now, when there are cookies or juice at home I no longer am first to grab them. I give them to others. When our teacher brings us juice, I save it for my younger brother. Another time my classmate and I both needed to use some clips at the same time. I figured that I was a practitioner, so I let him use them first, and I waited until he was done. I found that "thinking of others first" does not cause me to lose anything. My relationship with others has improved and I am much happier.

Young Falun Gong practitioner G: To be able to "think of others first" makes me feel fulfilled.

"Thinking of Others First" means you should consider other people in all aspects.

One time I was playing with my older brother at home. Our aunt, who lives in the mountains, came to see us. She brought us a box of cookies, and I ate all of them. I was not able to "think of others first," as I did not think of my older brother. I really regret doing that.

Since I started studying the Fa I have realized that I need to "think of others first" in every regard. The more we give, the happier we become. If we think more for others, our xinxing improves, and our life becomes more fulfilled and meaningful.

Young Falun Gong practitioner H: To be able to "think of others first" creates harmony.

We cannot only think of ourselves. We should consider other people and should not fight with other people.

Sometimes my younger brother and I share one toy. In the past I always fought with him for it. Later on I thought that I should "think of others first." I gave the toy to my brother and the fighting stopped.

Another time when we were about to leave school, there were students from other classes outside. It was very crowded, but no one would step back to allow the others through. I thought that I should "think of others first," so I let them go first. How nice it would be if everyone were able to that.

Young Falun Gong practitioner I: "Thinking of others first" creates peace.

When I fought with my older brother for computer access and juice, or fought with my younger brother for control of the TV and food, I won with my strength. I did not "think of others first" at all. When I got these things, I was not happy. I felt guilty, as I should have given them to others. But it was always too late, as I had already caused discord with others, and it didn't help to blame myself. These things happen because my xinxing is not high enough. If everyone could consider others and "think of others first," I believe there would be peace among everyone.

Young Falun Gong practitioner J: To be able to "think of others first" makes me really happy!

Once during lunchtime when I went to get more food, another classmate also came to get food. I gave the spoon to him to let him get the food first.

At home when both my sister and I want to watch TV, I give the remote control to her.

One time I wanted to use the restroom and there were a lot of people. When I finally got my turn, suddenly another classmate also wanted to use the toilet badly. I let him use it first.

There are many more stories. Now I am always able to think of others first. I see gratefulness on their faces, just like blooming flowers, so beautiful and so touching!

These feelings make me so happy!

February 16, 2005