(Clearwisdom.net) In a city of the Liaoning province, an unrighteous phenomenon has occurred and has lasted for quite a long time. Some fellow practitioners feel that one Dafa disciple does very well in Fa-clarification and admires him/her in their hearts. This admiration has gradually changed into worshipping this individual person and forgetting that Dafa disciples should take the Fa as their Master and should use the Fa to determine what to do.

Outstanding Expression

First of all, when something happens, they follow this fellow practitioner's understanding. They think that this fellow practitioner cultivates his or herself very well and his/her understanding could not be wrong. For example, the truth-clarification material site urgently produced some truth-clarification materials. This practitioner thought it' was better not to pass them out straight away, so the the materials were held up for quite a long time. The important task of saving the world's people was delayed.

Secondly, many practitioners feel this practitioner is "absolutely" reliable and "absolutely" trustworthy, so they tell this practitioner sensitive information carelessly and forget to be responsible for another practitioners' safety. Actually, this practitioner doesn't take minding speech very seriously and isn't very responsible. When exchanging ideas with other practitioners, this practitioner often tells others something he/she knows, which results in many people knowing these things. Trusting somebody is not equal to telling everything about oneself and others without caring another practitioners' safety and lives, and even the safety of the truth-clarification materials site.

This is not an isolated problem for a few specific practitioners, actually many practitioners are devoted to this practitioner in the local area.

Right now the result is that the practitioner who has been worshiped has had some kind of self-inflation and self-admiration. The way he/she talks and does things is not very conscious. If others continue to worship him/her, it will encourage his/her self-inflation without responsibility and finally it will interfere with Dafa disciples saving the world's people. It is really dangerous if this is allowed to develop.

Practitioners who worship him/her, please think it over. For whom are we doing this? Are we doing it for him/her? Should we listen to him (her) or take the Fa as the Master? Are we responsible for this person or for the Fa, our fellow practitioners and saving the world's people?

The practitioner who is worshiped by others, please think it over. Do our Dafa disciples exist for this? Do we want fellow practitioners' commendation and approval, or to finish Dafa disciples' historic missions and not let all beings' great trust down?

In fact, the Fa is like the sea, each Dafa disciple is like a drop of water in the sea. A drop of water only has life and has meaning of life when it dissolves into the sea.

The Fa-rectification is reaching the last period. No matter in which Fa-rectification period, Dafa disciples' irrational and unconscious thoughts or wrong understanding can possibly delay saving the world's people or even destroy countless beings. Fellow practitioners, we must be conscious and take the Fa as the Master for everything. For important issues, we should look to Minghui website's attitude instead of allowing some practitioners to be worshipped.

February 14, 2005