(Clearwisdom.net) One day in June 2004, I went to a colleague's place. I felt terrible physically that day and lay on a sofa feeling troubled by my illnesses. I saw Teacher's picture above my colleague's cabinet, as I was feeling helpless. My colleague started to tell me how good Falun Gong was. Then she explained to me the stories of the trilobite and the continental plates. I interrupted her, "I know qigong can heal illnesses. I practiced qigong before, but have not continued. How about this - will you lend me a copy of your Teacher's book Zhuan Falun?"

1. Newly Obtaining the Fa, Taking the Fa as Teacher

My initial motivation to read the book was to heal my illnesses and to figure out what is so special about Falun Gong that the practitioners have still continued to practice under such severe oppression. I held Zhuan Falun in my hands feeling excited. I started reading it at 4:00 p.m. and finished at 3:00 a.m. the next day. I could not explain with words the tremendous emotion I felt, and tears streamed down my face. A thought emerged as I saw Teacher's picture in the book smiling, "Teacher, please take care of me. I want to practice too."

On the third day, there were several spots on me that were extremely itchy, and I had the symptoms of illness karma. My husband wanted me to go to a hospital but I didn't. I told the practitioner about my condition when I returned her copy of Zhuan Falun. She told me that Teacher was helping me purify my body. I was so moved that I cried.

To understand more Fa principles, I calmly finished reading all of Teacher's publications that the practitioner had. I hand copied Hong Yin, Hong Yin II, Essentials for Further Advancement, and Zhuan Falun. I saw magic after that. My illnesses, including chronic sphagitis, severe rheumatoid arthritis, dizziness, menopause syndromes, protrusion of the lumbar inter vertebral discs, osteophytosis, hemorrhoids, and constipation, were all healed. I felt incredibly healthy, my cheeks were rosy, I looked young and I was very energetic.

The practitioners, and even my husband, were surprised to see the changes in me - that were truly done by the Fa of God! Teacher helped me purify my body and opened my third eye. I saw magnificently beautiful scenes in other dimensions that ordinary people couldn't see. I felt Teacher's presence all the time.

I felt very blessed and totally assimilated to Teacher's compassionate Fa. I knew the truth of the universe and why people exist in this world. I wanted nothing but Dafa. My attachment to healing my illnesses was gone.

2. Walk into Fa Rectification with Righteous Thoughts and Actions

I immediately took action and told more people about the greatness of Dafa. I safeguarded the Fa with my sense of justice and conscience and exposed the evil to allow more deceived innocent people to know the truth. Initially I was full of the emotions of anger and shame when I validated the Fa. I was angry about Teacher and the Fa being slandered and felt ashamed that I was a part of the evil party. To clarify the truth, I went to the parks or the university campus to look for those who practice qigong in the morning. I clarified the truth whenever I had a chance on a bus or on the street.

In the beginning, I didn't know how to answer others' questions. I pressured myself to tell at least 3 people the truth each day, so I got anxious sometimes and my attitude became rough. I tried to impose my opinion on others. The result of my truth clarification wasn't good. Once I distributed the truth clarification materials near where I lived at night. I chanted,

"Disciples have righteous thoughts, Master can do the impossible." (Hong Yin II, provisional translation)

When I was distributing the materials, someone opened the door and I instinctively hid myself in a small alley. My thoughts immediately turned, "I am doing the most righteous thing of all, why should I be afraid?" I walked out of the small alley and quickly finished distributing the materials.

After I got home, I was still a little nervous. Gradually I learned that I need to study the Fa more and look inward for attachments. I would have more wisdom and righteous thoughts only when I upgraded my xinxing based on the Fa. I made up my mind to study the Fa every night and contrast what I did that day with the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," so I could look inward and find my attachments. Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings were the two imperatives every day. I always bore the Fa and righteous thoughts in my mind wherever I went, and seized the time to catch up with the progress of Fa rectification.

Before the Chinese New Year in 2005, I decided to give up my work and go home to spread the Fa and save sentient beings. When I got home, I first thought the people in the police stations were the ones who needed to hear the truth the most. I had to tell them the beauty of Falun Dafa and the truth of the persecution in order to save them. I asked for Teacher's support when I visited them at their homes or offices with truth clarification CDs. I kindly told them that for their own good, they should stop assisting the evil and doing things that hurt others. Those who realized the truth not only thanked me but also told me that I was a good person. The policemen who understood the truth stopped participating in the persecution.

When I went shopping, hanging out with friends, walking, hiking, or visiting friends during the holidays, I grabbed every opportunity to clarify the truth. I played the truth clarification DVDs, gave out the DVDs and Dafa cards, told people the truth and introduced and loaned Zhuan Falun to people with predestined relationships. Sometimes I would clarify the truth to several people at the same time. I asked with righteous thoughts for teacher to support me. In doing this, I eliminated some of my attachment of fear.

I kept my thoughts and actions righteous all the time and would not allow myself to slack off. Under Teacher's compassionate protection, the truth of the persecution against Falun Dafa was spreading quickly in the local area. This immediately got the attention of the local 610 Office and the local political law committee. I didn't know the 610 Office existed at that time. The officials sent out the news that they would arrest me. My family was extremely scared upon hearing the news and asked me to leave home and hide for awhile. I was a little scared too, but because of my righteous thoughts, I wasn't moved. I told my family, "I didn't do anything wrong or illegal. No one has the right to arrest me. I follow Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance to become the best person in the world. No one dares to arrest me. If they did, there would be no justice or law left." I sent righteous thoughts at home intensely and studied the Fa calmly to get rid of all evil factors around me.

I knew it would not be all smooth on the path of cultivation. There is interference and there are tests. My fear was totally eliminated because I had a righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa. Later the evil used my family to try to coerce me. They begged me with their lives to give up the practice. My family tried to persuade me, scold me, ridicule and mock me, but I only smiled and explained to them with kindness. My family said nothing after that.

3. Upgrading My Xinxing and Walking Every Step Upright

After the Chinese New Year, I learned that we needed to help the world's people to withdraw from the three communist organizations. I felt it was difficult to do so and started with myself. I went to the evil party's organization to ask to withdraw and took the opportunity to clarify the truth and ask them to withdraw as well. I thought that I had to fill an application to withdraw so as to fit into ordinary human society. After I filled out the withdrawal application forms and went home, I realized it was wrong to fill out that application because, in fact, I had still fallen into the trap of listening to the evil party and didn't utterly rid myself of the logic of the evil party. I didn't go back and cancel it, and thought it would be alright as long as the party approved my application. Soon after that, my workplace asked me to pay the membership fee. I realized I couldn't just try to change the surface. I had to eliminate the evil party's poisonous factors from my mind and actions and be responsible for myself. I immediately went to the office of my workplace and submitted my withdrawal statement.

I immediately felt the entangled factors the evil party had on me break off and I felt relaxed. After I did that, all my family members quickly withdrew from the communist organizations as well. I lived in a remote area and we had few truth clarification materials and little money. Some practitioners in my area have not progressed very industriously. Some hide themselves at home just studying the Fa, some still have a lot of human sentiments, and some seem progressive, but won't go out and encourage others to withdraw. All the materials in my area came from practitioners in other areas. A fellow practitioner and I decided to make truth clarification materials the in most economic way we could.

We wrote a letter to encourage withdrawals and printed it. Because we distributed this letter too intensively in one area, it resulted in the 610 Office finding and harassing a practitioner. Other practitioners learned about this. Though no one confronted me or looked for me, they apparently condemned me not doing this distribution effort well because I heard the comments from other practitioners indirectly. I felt I was wronged and my human sentiment got to me. I thought I had worked so hard to build an information station and did all the writing and printing. Not even one practitioner helped me. They criticized me with words not based on the Fa. Later when I calmed down and looked inward, I discovered that my intention to do this work wasn't pure. I had strong hidden attachments of show myself off, and of wanting to see what a powerful impact I made. I didn't take practitioners' overall safety into consideration. I was showing off that I was capable, fearless, and studied the Fa well. When practitioners offered me their opinions, before we reached any agreement, I already had in mind that validating the Fa was absolutely right and used that as an excuse to do it my way. Once I looked inward, I enlightened to what Teacher said to us, that it is extremely dangerous to add any human factors in cultivation. After I found my attachment, I shared my experience with other practitioners and improved together based on the Fa. On the path of cultivation, I gradually matured.

After I obtained the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I immediately transcribed every word, proof read it, printed it, and made corrections where I had made errors. I didn't think about how much I worked, how tired I was, how much my hands hurt and how hot the weather was. I could see the rigid shells, formed in my body and mind under the communist education since I was little, peeling off layer after layer. My mind was clearer and I felt the urgency of enabling people to withdraw from the communist organizations and of clearing out the culture of the communist party. All Chinese should read the Nine Commentaries and wake up.

After we finished making the Nine Commentaries truth materials, we went and distributed them. The foundation I built up from studying the Fa and transcribing the Nine Commentaries made me able to talk people into withdrawing from the party efficiently. Later some practitioners said that the 610 Office was examining the handwriting of the transcribed Nine Commentaries (to trace back who made the materials.) I reminded other practitioners about the issue of "cultivation of speech." We were doing the most righteous and magnificent thing and should look at troubles with righteous thoughts. We would not acknowledge any interference but eliminate it. I wanted the practitioners to think and act righteously based on the Fa.

When others asked about why I looked so young, I told them Falun Gong was the cultivation of both mind and body and Falun Gong taught its practitioners to be good people by following Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. This naturally exposed the evil's deceptions and lies. When I talk to children, I tell them the stories of gods and Buddhas to edify them. When I meet friends and elders, I explain to them the deterioration of morality nowadays and how the evil party deceived the Chinese people in the past decades and in the brutal persecution against Falun Gong.

For those people who refused to withdraw from the evil party organizations or said they would think about it and just thanked me, I did not push them. If there was another opportunity, we would meet and talk about it again. Other practitioners might add on to what I said later. I used the trend of withdrawals to suggest that people go online to understand more of the truth that has been blocked. When people walked by fast, I told them of the importance of withdrawing from the CCP and that it could save their lives, plus the truth of Falun Gong. Some people withdrew after a few words. Some even got their entire family to withdraw. Each day about ten of the people I met withdrew from the party.

Nowadays people don't believe in gods easily. They wouldn't understand if I said that the CCP was an evil spirit. So I tell them that withdrawing from the CCP is like if a worn sweater was going to be discarded, party members were like the yarn that made the sweater. Only the yarn that withdrew from the worn sweater would not be discarded. Smart people would usually make the decision to withdraw.

One time a practitioner was arrested and taken to a detention center. I found this practitioner didn't look inward. She always looked outward and couldn't work with others as one body. I asked other practitioners to send righteous thoughts together and we sent out an open letter. When I delivered money and goods to this practitioner, I clarified the truth to the police and one of them withdrew from the party. Two days later, the practitioner was released without any charge. I went to her home to visit her. She told me that she had memorized a lot of articles from the Dafa books and couldn't understand why she had still been arrested five times. She also told me that she didn't know how to look for attachments. I shared with her based on the Fa and pointed out her human sentiment that had existed for too long. Finally she let down her guard of, "I'm a senior practitioner."

A practitioner told me, "A coordinator said that you are a special agent from the CCP and I am observing you." I was very hurt, but still I smiled and said, "Instead of observing me, why don't you study the Fa and save sentient beings? Didn't Teacher say that we even have to save the special agents?" He had nothing to say. Now our Fa study group has a very righteous energy field.

I sincerely hope Teacher can allow me more time to save more innocent good people.

The above is my cultivation experience in the past year. I share it with my fellow practitioners and hope practitioners can point out anything that is incorrect.