(Clearwisdom.net) This article summarizes some persecution incidents of Dafa practitioners committed by officers from the Shenglilu Police Department in Zhangjiakou City. Those individuals who are responsible include Zheng Jianguo, head of the police department, and Zhang, deputy head of the police department.

Practitioner Mrs. Yang Shulan Savagely Tortured in a Labor Camp and Forced to Leave Her Home

At around 10:00 p.m. on October 11, 2000, approximately six officers from the Shenglilu Police Department broke into the home of Dafa practitioner Mrs. Yang Shulan. They confiscated her Dafa books and took her to the Shenglilu Police Department. On October 13 they sent her to the Chongli County Detention Center. On October 27 they transferred her to the Shangyi County Detention Center. On November 2, they sent her to the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City to be held for three years.

Yang Shulan was tortured at the labor camp. She was also forced to watch Dafa-slandering videotapes daily. To resist the persecution, Dafa practitioners held hands in the cafeteria and recited Hong Yin. The guards dragged them away and hung them on trees in the vegetable garden for several hours.

Yang Shulan persisted in Dafa practice, and guard Yan Hongli beat her until her face was covered in bruises. The guards tied her to the window frame and shocked her with electric batons. Some practitioners went on hunger strikes. Division head Zhou tricked the practitioners by telling them he merely wanted to "have a talk," and lured them to a narrow valley with thick snow on the ground. Then he forced the practitioners to stay in that valley for over ten hours as a torture.

Guard Liu Liying took practitioner Sun Yang from Qinhuangdao City to a large classroom, ordered inmates to kick Sun Yang's private areas and admonished her not to tell anyone. She threatened to have her kicked even more sadistically if she told other people. At around 6:00 a.m. on January 16, 2000, a group of male guards barged into the female division and searched the practitioners' cells. They tossed practitioners' belongings everywhere. They hung some practitioners from persimmon trees to coerce them to give up Dafa.

Yang Shulan was cruelly abused at the labor camp. She agreed to give up Dafa against her conscience, and she was released.

In the morning of February 18, 2004, Gu Jianguo, head of Qiaoxi Police Department's National Security Division, and Wang, former deputy head of the Xinhua Street Police Station, along with officials from the Desheng Street Party Committee, broke into Yang Shulan's rented home. They claimed to check rental registrations and then illegally arrested Yang Shulan and another practitioner. They extorted 200 yuan from Yang Shulan's husband and 1,000 yuan from her landlord. Yang Shulan was shackled to a metal stool for three days and two nights.

On the evening of February 20, the officials sent Yang Shulan to the Shisanli Custody Center. Yang Shulan refused to cooperate with the persecutors by refusing to respond to roll call. Women guards Ding and Hu and woman doctor Liu incited inmates to savagely beat Yang Shulan.

After Yang Shulan fainted during a hunger strike, guard Hu ordered inmates to pull her up and abuse her verbally and physically. Hu kicked Yang Shulan's lower back with the sharp tips of her leather shoes. They also force-fed Yang Shulan. About five inmates, including Liu Fang and Liu Wei, pinned Yang Shulan to the ground. They held her legs, pinched her nose and mouth, and then stuffed some food into her mouth with a spoon. Inmate Liu Wei violently kicked Yang Shulan's stomach, which knocked the wind out of her for a few seconds and she collapsed by the sink.

Because she was extremely weak, Yang Shulan was taken to the People's Hospital for a physical examination. Then these cruel people again sent Yang Shulan to a forced labor camp. They told Yang Shulan's husband to send her clothes to the Qiaoxi Police Department. Officer Gu Jianguo extorted 3,000 yuan from Yang Shulan's family. On March 25, Yang Shulan's husband was extorted of another 600 yuan when he picked her up from the Shisanli Detention Center.

Less than ten days after she went home, local police officers, along with Wang Huayu, head of the Xiangyangpo Street Party Committee, and Mei, deputy secretary of the Shenglilu Administration Office, twice harassed Yang Shulan at her home. She was compelled to leave home on April 11. On April 19, local police officers Sun, Wang Huayu and two other officers went to the home of Yang Shulan's grandmother. They coerced Yang Shulan's husband, who was there at the time, to write a guarantee statement promising he would never go to Beijing to appeal.

Yang Shulan returned home periodically. At around 7:00 p.m. on July 19, officer Sun from the Shenglilu Police Department, and Wang Huayu, head of the Xiangyangpo Street Party Committee, again harassed Yang Shulan at her home and told her to write a guarantee statement or else they threatened to send her to a brainwashing class. Yang Shulan firmly refused.

Practitioner Ms. Zhou Guimei tortured to the brink of death in 2003

On May 19, 2003, practitioner Zhou Guimei was arrested at Yangjiafen and illegally detained at the Shisanli Detention Center. While on a hunger strike, the police commandeered a group of roughnecks, who they coerced to climb on her, slap her face and force-feed her. She had only a breath left after 28 days of torture. The persecutors released her on medical parole "awaiting interrogation" after extorting 4,600 yuan from her.

Nine practitioners including Zhou Guimei had gone to Beijing to validate Dafa on October 6, 2000, and were arrested at Deshengmen in Beijing. Ms. Zhou was detained at the Zhangjiakou City Liaison Office in Beijing and held at Xuanhua Detention Center for one month. The perpetrators extorted 15,000 yuan from her family. On October 31, 2001, Zhou Guimei again went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was sent to the Jiaotong Detention center where she was held for 15 days. Later she was transferred to the Shisanli Detention Center in Zhangjiakou City. During Ms. Zhou's hunger strike, detention center supervisor Cui Weidong poured water on her head. Altogether, Ms. Zhou was held for nine months and was extorted of 4,000 yuan.

Police Extort Money from Widow in Her Seventies

At around noon one day in April 2003, Zheng Jianguo, head of the Shenglilu Police Department, Zhang, deputy head, and another officer broke into the home of widow Yang Sulian who was in her 70s. This took place in Mingdenan, Qiaoxi. Zhang took the lead in ransacking her home. They confiscated the book Zhuan Falun, eight copies of the article, "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference" and three of Master's pictures. The perpetrators took Yang Sulian to the police department and demanded 1,000 yuan. They forced her son and relatives to borrow the money. Her family eventually pooled 900 yuan and gave it to the police before they allowed Yang Sulian to return home. Because she has no source of income, the relatives are still struggling to pay back the debt.

Persecution of Practitioners Yang Sujun and Yu Chenglan

Practitioner Mrs. Yang Sujun previously suffered from chronic heart palpitations, severe stomach pain, and severe open sores all over the body that afflicted her all year long.

For a decade, her body was often wrapped in bandages. After she started practicing Dafa in 1997 all of her illnesses disappeared. On December 29, 2000, Yang Sujun went to Beijing to validate Dafa from her own experiences. She was arrested. Officers from the Shenglilu Police Department took her back to Zhangjiakou City and shackled her to a metal chair for three days and nights. They had detained her unlawfully.

Yang Sujun refused to sign a document and told the officers, "I didn't commit any crimes." The officers cursed her. Then they arrested Yang Sujun's older brother and forced him to sign on his sister's behalf. Yang Sujun's husband was ill and he trembled when he heard of the arrest. He was so choked with anger and anguish that he couldn't speak.

Despite Yang Sujun having a young daughter and a sick husband, the police still detained her for eighteen days at a custody center. She was tortured at the custody center and her heart disease relapsed, yet the persecutors refused to release her. They went to her 80-year-old mother and said they would not release Yang Sujun unless her mother paid them a certain amount of money. Yang Sujun's mother lived on her own and her children provided for her. She didn't have much money herself. After she presented the police with her situation several times, the police reluctantly reduced the extortion amount to 2,000 yuan, in addition to a 360 yuan "food fee." They also tried to extort 10,000 yuan from Yang Sujun's employers. Although her place of employment was bankrupt and all the workers were laid off, personnel from the Qiaodong 610 Office still ordered the court to impose a 10,000 yuan fine on Yang Sujun's employer, but because of the bankruptcy they couldn't get the money.

On May 30, 2001, plainclothes police officers arrested practitioner Yu Chenglan right after she had unfurled a banner that said, "Falun Dafa is Great!" She was taken to the Tiananmen Police Department and was later transferred to the Qianmen Police Department. The police took her necklace and LC card. They tricked her into telling them her name, after which they sent her to the Shenglilu Police Department. The police forced her to take them to her home where she lived with her sister, and then proceeded to ransack both homes. They confiscated a whole set of Dafa books as well as personal belongings. Subsequently, Ms. Yu held a hunger strike while being held at Shisanli Detention Center and became very weak. She was extorted of 3,000 yuan before her sister carried her home on her back.

In August 2001, officers from Shenglilu Police Department, led by officials from the Street Party Committee, arrested Yu again. This time they sent her to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Baoding City. Her daughter, home from Tianjin City on a university holiday, was home alone. Her sister returned from Beijing and borrowed 6,000 yuan to pay for her niece's tuition. Yu Chenglan was savagely tortured and subjected to brainwashing at the labor camp.

Practitioner Wang Haiying Tortured and Sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp

Practitioner Ms. Wang Haiying suffered from angina pectoris and breast hyperplasia, all of which disappeared after she started practicing Dafa in May 1997. In late May 2001 she went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was arrested and taken to a police precinct near Tiananmen Square. She clarified the truth to the police and sent righteous thoughts. She left the police department openly and with dignity with Master's protection. In late August 2001, persecutors followed Wang Haiying when she posted truth clarifying flyers. She was arrested and taken to the Shenglilu Police Department.

The police officers handcuffed Wang Haiying to an electric power pole under the scorching sun and tried to trick her into revealing her name and address. Many people monitored her around the clock. They cuffed her hands behind her back, tortured her with the tiger bench, deprived her of sleep or even closing her eyes, deprived her of food and force-fed her with water. Song, the deputy police chief, knocked out one of her teeth with a metal cup. After they found out Wang Haiying's name and address, the police chief slapped her face until blood gushed from her mouth. A young police officer shocked her with electric batons and demanded to know the source of the truth clarifying flyers. Wang Haiying refused to answer.

On the sixth day, the police called in officers from the Criminal Police Division, who shocked Wang Haiying all over her body with electric baton(s) throughout the night. They struck her throat with their palms until she could hardly breathe. They took off her shoes and struck the soles of her feet with spiked rubber clubs; they tightened the "wolf-teeth" handcuffs until they cut into her wrists; they grabbed her cuffed hands and jerked them back and forth until blood dripped down her wrists. During this period they ransacked Wang Haiying's home. At that time they shoved Ms. Wang's mother-in-law to the ground and stole Dafa books, Master's picture, a picture of Falun and a framed copy of Lunyu. They held Wang Haiying at the police department for six days and then extorted 2,000 yuan from her family, promising to release her. After they got the money, however, they sent Wang Haiying to the Shisanli Detention Center.

On the ninth day of the hunger strike held by Wang Haiying and others, the guards carried Wang Haiying outside and again told her they were sending her home, but in fact they sent her to the Jijiafang Brainwashing Class. They tried to extort 2,000 yuan from her employer and threatened to send her to a forced labor camp if her work place didn't pay. The head of her work place ignored the police.

Six days later, early in the morning, the perpetrators secretly sent Wang Haiying to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province. Her family went to the police department and inquired about her whereabouts. The police officers said they didn't know. Wang Haiying was held at the labor camp for two months. Because she didn't have any money, even a change of clothes or bedding with her, the division heads of the labor camp reluctantly agreed to let her write a letter to her family.

Soon after Wang Haiying was sent to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp she developed scabies all over her body. The condition grew worse until she did not have a single patch of intact skin. Her hands and feet ulcerated and seeped pus and blood; the itch was unbearable. She wrapped her body in thick toilet paper and put layers of paper towels on her bed. Many wounds cracked open in her hands that hurt terribly when coming in contact with water.

Despite her condition, the overseers forced her to clean the bathroom and crawl on the floor to clean the floor, forcing her to clean it repeatedly. In the winter she was forced to dig ditches and carry soil. The axe she used was large and coarse and made her hands bleed. She was also forced to pick cotton and dig turnips in the fields.

At the labor camp she copied and delivered Master's articles to other determined Dafa practitioners, and the head inmate reported her. The group head called her into a small room and struck her with a four-edged wooden club. He broke many clubs beating Wang Haiying who sweated profusely from the pain. Her pelvis and buttocks swelled so severely that she could neither sit nor walk. During that period of time she had a high fever and diarrhea, but the guards forced her to wear a heavy coat and pants in the heat of summer and pull grass in the fields. They also forced her to watch and listen to Dafa-slandering radio broadcasts and videotapes.

One time the perpetrators forced the practitioners to watch Dafa-slandering videos and later write "experience-sharing articles." The practitioners wrote, "These programs are scripted and staged." The practitioners also wrote about the facts of the persecution at the labor camp. Group head Wu called the practitioners into a room. He slapped their faces, hit them and coerced them to lie about the persecution. Wang Haiying refused to lie, and group heads Zhang Yanyan and Zhao ordered inmates to keep striking her face and kicking her. They took turns hitting her. Zhang Yanyan also vehemently kicked Wang Haiying's shins with the soles of her hard boots. They beat her for an entire morning, took a lunch break, and then returned to beat her for the afternoon. After dinner they beat her again.

They also deprived the practitioners of sleep for days on end. While sleep-deprived, they forced the practitioners to listen to Dafa-slandering lies. They beat the practitioners if they nodded off, and made the practitioners write about their "feelings." Wang Haiying wrote about the wonders of Dafa and how the perpetrators abused Dafa practitioners. They tore up her article, threw it in her face and made her do heavy manual labor, such as digging ditches and filling potholes. She had to start working before dawn and was monitored around the clock. The guards cursed her and savagely beat her if they weren't happy with any slight thing. She had to work until it was dark outside, by which time personnel would drive the practitioners back to the labor camp in a vehicle. They did not allow the practitioners to sleep. They called the practitioners upstairs and forced them to stand and listen to Dafa-slandering speeches. Collaborators attacked her. They tortured Ms. Wang with sleep deprivation off and on for nearly six months. They made the practitioners either work or stand. The practitioners also suffered other physical abuses in addition to having to live with scabies.

On August 12, the captors told Wang Haiying to pack up and go home. Before Wang Haiying got in the car the group head asked her, "Will you still practice?" Wang Haiying said, "Yes!"

Less than fifteen days after she returned home, two police officers broke into her home one morning, forcibly put her in a car and took her to the Shenglilu Administration Office. Her three-year-old daughter chased behind the car crying. They attempted to coerce her to write a "reform statement" and she firmly refused. The officials sent her to the Shalingzi Piandi Brainwashing Class. She had not yet recovered from the scabies developed at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, and it worsened drastically at the brainwashing class. An infection caused excess pus and blood and she could not get out of bed. The captors were afraid of catching scabies from her, so they released her. After she went home, an old woman from the Street Party Committee staked out her home daily to monitor her. She was compelled to move overnight. Personnel from the Shenglilu Police Department, the Street Party Committee and Street Party Office went to the home of her parents and mother-in-law daily to harass them. They threatened her parents and her husband that they would arrest Wang Haiying again on November 20.

Wang Haiying left home with her three-year-old daughter. They now go from place to place to avoid illegal arrest.