(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Yu Zhenghong was a resident of Siqian Village, Songcun Town, Wendeng City, Shandong Province. She was arrested on September 27, 2005 by 610 Office staff, lead by Xiang Hongping. Ms. Yu went on a 15-day hunger strike and was savagely force-fed. After Ms. Yu became critically ill, she was taken to the Central Hospital of Wendeng City by 610 Office staff, pretending to be her family members. When the hospital notified them that Ms. Yu was dying, they sent her home. Ms. Yu died on November 17, 2005. Also, practitioner Mr. Han Yusheng, a 69-year-old resident of Shandong Village, Songcun Town, passed away on October 15, 2005 after he suffered a mental disorder from the torture.

Ms. Yu Zhenghong was 43 years old when she passed away. In her own words about her life before cultivating Falun Dafa, "Before cultivating, I suffered from many diseases. When I was very young, I was poisoned by some pesticide. I lost consciousness three days after the incident and was taken to the emergency room of a hospital. I survived the accident, yet the doctors advised that I would suffer aftereffects for the rest of my life. Later on I came down with many other illnesses, the most serious being uterus cancer, breast cancer, and headaches. I lived with extreme pain." After she started to cultivate Falun Dafa, all her illnesses disappeared and she came to understand the true purpose of life and how to be a good person.

After the persecution started, Ms. Yu went to Beijing to clarify the truth on July 20, 2000. She was arrested, and police from Wendeng City, who were at the liaison office in Beijing, took her back home. Staff from the Political Protection Section of the local police detained and tortured her for thirteen days. Because the detention center could not hold so many practitioners, they transferred her to Songcun police station, after which the village government officials helped get her released. In the fall of the same year, policemen Xiang Hongping and Yu Jincheng arrested her at her home after she returned from work. Her six-year-old son was scared terribly and cried.

On the way to Wendeng Detention Center, Ms. Yu told the police that they were violating existing law by arresting her. She asked them, "Why do you leave alone those criminals who kill and set fire, but persecute Falun Gong practitioners?" The police said bluntly, "We don't dare to go after the criminals, because they might harm us. Falun Gong practitioners don't fight or curse back, so we are not afraid to arrest you."

Ms. Yu was detained for over ten days. Several days after she was released, she was arrested again and detained in Songcun Town, and then at Wendeng Detention Center. She was also detained there for over ten days before she was taken back to Songcun Town's brainwashing center. On June 1, 2001, ten police officers arrested Ms. Yu on her way home. During the detention, Ms. Yu became very weak and uncomfortable, showing symptoms of her previous diseases. Doctors told the police that her condition could not be treated -- she would become mentally ill or even die.

Three months later, on August 14, 2001, they ransacked Ms. Yu's home. She was forced to leave home and went to Weihai City, where she held a temporary job. However, she was arrested again on October 14, 2005 and taken to Wendeng Detention Center. Ms. Yu went on a hunger strike in the detention center. On the fourth day of her hunger strike, she was taken to a hospital for force-feeding. The inhuman torture made her vomit blood for three days. On the eighth day of her hunger strike, she was sent to a forced labor camp in Jinan City. The labor camp refused to take her after realizing her health condition. They did not want to take responsibility for her death.

Since then, Ms. Yu suffered constant harassment at home. At 6:30 a.m. on September 27, 2005, staff from the state security team (headed by Xiang Hongping) arrested her again. Mr. Yu went on a hunger strike and was savagely force-fed. When Ms. Yu was near death, they claimed that she "was faking death" and took her to the Central Hospital (of Wendeng City). Hospital staff told them that Ms. Yu was dying and that they should notify her family members immediately. They refused to do so and did not release her. Instead, they pretended to be Ms. Yu's family members and stayed in the hospital. The next day, when they saw that Ms. Yu was dying, they sent her home. Ms. Yu never recovered. She died on the evening of November 17, 2005.

Mr. Han Yusheng started to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1996 and enjoyed good health afterwards. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the police ransacked his home, detained him, and extorted money from him often. The Wendeng City 610 Office sentenced him to three years of forced labor. Because he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, the labor camp refused to take him. Mr. Han's mind was affected severely. Once, policeman Xiang Hongping destroyed his residence card publicly in his village. After that, the persecutors harassed him many times. As a result, Mr. Han suffered a mental collapse, and he often cried. Mr. Han passed away on October 15, 2005.


State Security 610 Office: 86-631-8983935
Head of the State Security 610 Office: Wang Yongjian, Xiang Hongping (former director of Songcun Town Police Station), Li Yinglin, Sun Guohai, and Yu Jianguang

Wendeng City Police Department:

Chief of Wendeng City Police Department: 86-631-5272339
Direction Center: 86-631-8452538
Criminal Police Group: 86-631-8452608, Subgroup No. 1: 86-631-8454441, Sub-group No. 7: 86-631-8981787
Cong Shuxin, director of the Political Protection Section

Songcun Township Government:

Governor's office: 86-631-8898678
General office: 86-631-8898066
Police station: 86-631-8898014 (former Chief Xu Qiang)

Wendeng City Commission 610 Office: 86-631-8451713, 86-631-8462213

Wendeng City Political and Judiciary Committee:

Genera office: 86-631-8451713, 86-631-8462213
Secretary: Liu Yujiang: 86-631-8359680, 86-631-8062680 (Cell)
Secretary's office: 86-631-8460382
610 Office training center: 86-631-8985610

Wang Conglun, head of the Wendeng City Detention Center: 86-631-8454442
Wendeng City Orthopedics Hospital, which provides medical staff for the police and participate in the persecution of practitioners

Wendeng City CCP Committee: 86-631-8452774
Wendeng City Government: 86-631-8451305, 86-631-8451879
Director of Shandong Province Police Department: 86-531-5125110