Currently, some practitioners think that we should view the attitude of the world's people towards the Communist Party and their attitude towards Dafa as separate issues.

Up to now, some people, either due to the fear of the Party, or pursuit of personal interests, or because of being deceived by the propaganda, still claim that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is good. What are their attitudes towards Dafa, no matter how many times we have clarified the facts to them?

Let's take for example a practitioner's personal experience. A Mainland practitioner has several close relatives who are CCP members. Although they do not cultivate, they had witnessed practitioners' words and conduct and had some understanding of Dafa. In their hearts they were not opposed to Dafa. After the persecution started, since the practitioner did not negate the old forces' arrangement, she was illegally detained in the labor camp for several years. During that period of time, although the relatives loved her dearly, every time they met the practitioner they would talk completely from the perspective of the Communist Party and even say disrespectful words towards Master.

After being released, the practitioner tried hard to rectify herself and meanwhile took every opportunity to clarify the facts. However, no matter how much she tried, there was always one barrier in the relatives' minds, "If you continue to believe and cultivate while the government says it is forbidden, you are antagonizing the government and the Party, which will lead to no good end." They stubbornly hold on to this notion and are unwilling to accept the truth about Dafa. In fact, many practitioners have had similar experiences.

Some people are not CCP members and they dislike many things about the CCP. Nevertheless, after being instilled with things such as atheism and that the Party's interest is above all, they cannot have righteous thoughts towards Dafa.

For example, a practitioner's classmate has learned a lot of the facts about Dafa and the persecution, but he still says, "You are antagonizing the government. If I were Jiang, I would suppress you too." His view derives totally from the thought patterns that the Party has instilled in his mind. How could an extremely corrupt party that has done so much evil in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners become a standard for all judgments? Isn't this failing to discern between good and evil?

The Fa-rectification has reached the current stage. Please think about it: the CCP initially chose to oppose Dafa. Can it possibly turn back, either today or in the future, from the opposite side of Dafa? Many Party members who were deceived may still have chances, but the Party itself will not turn back until its death. Although this evil being (in the lowest dimension of the heavens it manifests as an evil red dragon), which was prearranged by the old forces as a tool for persecuting Dafa, has been eliminated in the cosmos, its remaining spirit continues to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. How can it possibly have a place in the new cosmos?

The world's people's attitude towards the Party and towards Dafa is interrelated. Therefore, in the current stage of the Fa-rectification, people's understanding towards the CCP has become a serious barrier for them to be saved.

If that Party had not persecuted Dafa, people's attitude towards it would not matter much. Nevertheless, the CCP chose to stand at the opposite side of Dafa, and instilled into people's minds the backwards logic that "persecution is reasonable," for example, that Falun Gong does not follow the CCP, which means it antagonizes the Party and so the Party should attack it. How could it be possible for those people who are suppressed and threatened by it to keep a neutral attitude? If a Party member dares to say in public that "the Party is good and Dafa is good too," he would be considered anti-Party for not "maintaining consistency with the Party" on the Falun Gong issue, since the CCP regards Falun Gong as its number one enemy.

Let's put aside the ridiculousness of the Party taking Falun Gong as its top enemy. Just from the perspective of saving sentient beings, for those who say in private to practitioners that both Dafa and the CCP are good, is this the true reflection of their thinking? Could they be saying this out of superficial politeness, or because they do not want to lose what Dafa practitioners can offer? Common people can be sly. Can this kind of person securely enter the next stage of history? If he truly believes that Dafa is good deep in his heart, how can he think the Party that persecutes Dafa is good too? Isn't this self-contradictory? Isn't whatever persecutes good people the evil? If a Party is good and selflessly "serves the people," it would never cruelly persecute people who follow "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Moreover, be it a person or a Party, all who have committed crimes against Dafa will be judged by the heavenly principles and will not be able to avoid retribution and consequences. What kinds of consequences will those who insist on persecuting Dafa face?

The Fa-rectification has reached the current stage, and all cultivators should have a clear understanding that the CCP is destroying itself because it persecutes Falun Gong. The Dafa practitioners just expose the evil nature of this Party so as to save the world's people. When Dafa practitioners clarify the truth about the Party, our purpose is to let people accept the truth about Dafa and be saved. Although what we are doing appears similar to everyday society's efforts to promote a Party's rise to power or removal from power, our standpoint, purpose and essence are completely different.

Let's think about it. Many people around us are CCP members. Do they have righteous thoughts towards Dafa? What is the reason they lack righteous thoughts? If they are supposed to be saved, yet due to our fear of being misunderstood they missed the opportunity, don't we bear the responsibility for that? I hope fellow practitioners who don't have a clear understanding or still hold some good feelings about the Party will read the "Nine Commentaries" and related articles. This will help eliminate the poisons instilled in our minds by the Party and help us to better save the world's people.

In fact, some practitioners have realized in their truth clarification that after reading the "Nine Commentaries" and related articles, some common people who used to show hatred towards practitioners and rejected truth clarification have changed their attitudes towards practitioners and are now willing to accept the truth-clarification materials. This is because the possession that controls and blocks people's minds has been eliminated, allowing people become clear-headed and be led by their righteous thoughts.

December 22, 2004