(Clearwisdom.net) My older sister is close to 70 years old and lives in a city in Mainland China. She obtained Dafa before 1999, which changed her narrow-minded character to a more peaceful one. She does everything in accordance with Falun Dafa, no matter what hardships she encounters.

My sister takes care of her daughter-in-law, who works in a hospital, and often tells her about the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa, trying to persuade her to practice, even though at one time she said disrespectful things towards Teacher. Last year when the SARS epidemic was raging, the hospital assigned her to look after the SARS patients. At that time she thought of what her mother-in-law had told her and asked, "I wonder if Dafa will protect me while I am on duty?" My sister said definitely, "It will." She started to read Zhuan Falun at midnight or whenever she could make time. She could see in the photo that Teacher was smiling and that the Falun was rotating as well as some other wonderful scenes. She was so excited that she couldn't stop her tears. She said to Teacher, "I once said bad things about you, but you are still smiling at me." From then on, she started to practice. She went to look after SARS patients with Zhuan Falun and returned home safely every day.

One day last year, the police arrested and killed a practitioner. He died when they violently threw him to the ground. They took the body to the hospital where my sister's daughter-in-law works and started to fabricate a story that they had taken him to the hospital after he committed suicide. When my sister's daughter-in-law saw the practitioner's lower body bleeding, she shouted out right in front of all the policemen, doctors and the practitioner's relatives, "This is not a suicide!" It shocked everyone there. The practitioner's family later won their lawsuit against the police using her words as evidence, and, as a result, these policemen were punished.

Now everyone in my sister's family is practicing Falun Dafa. My younger brother is 58 this year and works in a police station. After Jiang began the persecution of Dafa in 1999, he stopped practicing because he was afraid, and he even burned Falun Dafa books. From then on his family had many troubles.

After we heard that he had stopped practicing, my older sister and I went to visit him to try to persuade him to practice Dafa again. He agreed, but when we asked him to step out to clarify of truth, he dared not do it.

Recently he called to tell us about his experiences in the last month. A month ago, his jaw suddenly went slack, and he was always dizzy. He went to the hospital for an examination and was told that it was a tumor pressing on a certain area in his brain. He suddenly realized what was really going on and went out with his wife to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. "In less than a week," he told us on the phone, "my mouth returned to normal, and my dizziness went away." This incident convinced his wife, together with my younger brother's family, to start practicing Falun Dafa.

My grandson is nine this year. I taught him Falun Dafa before 1999. He practiced meditation with me, but he could only do it for about three minutes. He often told me about what he saw in his meditation and dreams. Once he told me, "Grandma, Teacher's place is a grand palace, and the Dafa books there are different from those here."

Another time he said, "Grandma, the bed flew up with me!" He also told me after waking up, "I dreamed I flew, led by Teacher. He put me onto a huge lotus flower but I slid down after trying another time." I asked, "Why did you slide down?" "Because I didn't cultivate well and could not stay there," he answered.

One day he shouted at me, "Grandma, look! Fairies are there." He told me that he saw four fairies come out of a hole in a cloud up in the sky. "They disappeared after you came," he said. When he was seven, he asked, "Why do I feel like there are eyes all over my face?" A few days ago, when he was lying on the bed with his eyes shut, he felt the whole room was shiny with many colors, describing it as so beautiful! But after he opened his eyes, the room was pitch dark.