Fa-rectification has come to the final stage. Some practitioners, however, seem to have stayed in one place without making progress. There are even signs showing that they are going backward. Why is this? I personally think that there are three main reasons for this.

1. The Fa-study is not deep enough

The reason for not studying the Fa deeply results mainly from not following Master's requirements on Fa-study. How can one study the Fa well then? Regarding how to study the Fa well, Master spoke about it many times. Here I would like to share my personal understanding.

a) We should study the Fa with a peaceful mind and understand its in-depth meaning, instead of treating the Fa-study as a formality and having the mindset that we must study the Fa and finish reading a certain amount of the Fa every day in order to comply with Master's requirements on Fa-study. When we read the Fa, we should focus on the profound inner meaning. We must put our heart in the Fa and assimilate our thoughts with the Fa no matter when we study the Fa and how much we study the Fa. Only when we do this in this way can we enlighten to different inner meanings of the Fa and will not be interfered with by external factors. Furthermore, the more we read, the more we want to and like to read. If we treat the Fa-study as a kind of task, paying attention to the quantity and the form on the surface, then our Fa-study is only for the sake of studying the Fa. We won't understand many principles of the Fa, even though we read the Fa one hundred times. In addition, the more we read, the more bored and less interested we will become.

b) We should read both Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa, and the supplemental lectures to combine many angles when studying the Fa so as to achieve deeper understandings. We all know that Master teaches the Fa systematically and generally in Zhuan Falun. Master's lecturing on the Fa in various places targets the issues in the cultivation of Dafa practitioners in different places and harmonizes Zhuan Falun. Master's lecturing on the Fa after July 20, 1999, is particularly important for us to clearly recognize the purpose, function and the harm of the old forces. Therefore, we should read all these Fa lectures. Through reading other Dafa books, we can become enlightened to the points we do not understand when reading Zhuan Falun. The old forces' participation makes our cultivation in Fa-rectification appear to be particularly serious and strict. It becomes their excuse to persecute us when we are not clear about Fa principles and when our actions and thoughts deviate slightly. Master's lecturing on the Fa from various angles and perspectives after July 1999, makes the situation clear about the old forces and helps us understand how to oppose and break it. Therefore, when we read the Fa, we should not only combine the readings of Zhuan Falun and other lectures, but also read them from various viewpoints, forward and backward. Only when we do this can we sort out all the puzzles, solve them, be clear about the Fa principles, be able to have righteous thoughts and actions, and do well in the three things required by Master.

2. Lack of Sharing Experiences and Discussion

No matter how well we study the Fa, we still have places that we cannot understand, have attachments that we cannot recognize and have things that we don't know how to deal with correctly. We make up these shortcomings after sharing and discussing. Every one of our words and actions contains our own messages, exposing our various negative thoughts and attachments. Fellow practitioners can see, hear, and feel them. Through their benevolent pointing out, we can rectify and eliminate them.

3. Not Valuing the Reading of Experience Sharing Articles on Clearwisdom

The experience sharing articles published on Clearwisdom are not Master's teaching the Fa. However, they are the personal understanding and experiences of practitioners' Fa-study and cultivation from various places. There is also enlightened achievement as well as inadequate understanding and other lessons. They can be lessons to all of us. By reading them carefully, we can make up our inadequacy in studying the Fa. By comparing, we can find out our individual shortcomings. They can also help us to learn lessons from various aspects and therefore make us more harmonized without omission, and do well the three things required by Master.

According to my experience, only when we combine these three together, can we become more diligent and upgrade faster.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.