One afternoon in the fall of 2003, a cow kicked me several feet from where I stood. The vertebra in my lower back became dislocated when I landed on the ground. Two bulges as big as goose eggs appeared and I could not move. At that time, I just thought that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and that I should not have any problems with this, since Teacher protects me. Teacher says, "Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought." (Zhuan Falun) When I thought about this, I climbed up by holding onto a wall. I could only lie down on my back. If I laid on my side, it hurt me very much, because the bones pressed into the muscle. Later on, I also discovered that two of my ribs were broken also. When I sat down, the dislocated vertebra hurt. My children tied to persuade me to go to the hospital. But I said, "I am a cultivator. This little injury won't be a problem. It will be gone as soon as I begin to practice the exercises."

At night, I recited Teacher's articles and collection of poems, thinking that I must be able to practice the exercises the next day. The next day, I could really practice the exercises. I did the fifth exercise twice in one day. I was not able to do the Falun Heavenly Circuit exercise, since I could not bend my lower back. I thought that I would practice when the moon came out. When I was in a state of half sleep that night, I heard someone say, "Why aren't you practicing the exercises?" I opened my eyes and did not see anybody there. I thought I was dreaming and fell asleep again. When I was almost asleep, I heard someone again calling to me, "Why aren't you practicing the exercises?" I opened my eyes. The moon had not risen yet. I must be hearing things! Then, when I was about to fall asleep again, I heard someone calling to me yet again, "Why aren't you practicing the exercises?" I did not see the moon coming out, but this time I became aware that it was Teacher who was calling me! I got up right away and began to do the exercises. It felt difficult when practicing the fourth exercise, the "Falun Heavenly Circuit." I stood with my back against the wall, thinking, "Teacher, can I practice?" Against my expectation, I found I could bend at my waist and I could squat. I did not strain to prepare to do the exercise, but my body moved down and back up, following the mechanism. I finished the fourth exercise smoothly. Since then, I have practiced all five sets of exercises twice every day.

When I was asleep the third night, I was woken up by a noise in my dream. Teacher, leading a group of children, was doing an operation on me; taking out a string of things from my belly. After I woke up, I had an aching feeling on the right side of my lower abdomen. My belly felt empty. I did not have any bowel movements for 17 days, but I was eating at least one and a half bowls of rice at every meal. Seventeen days later, my stool was neither excessive nor constipated at all. On the afternoon of the fourth day after I was kicked by the cow, I was lying on my back in bed, thinking it would be good if I support my vertebra. I put my hands under my lower back, raising both my head and feet. Then the miracle happened. I heard a popping sound from my lower back. The dislocated vertebra went back to its original place and the aching disappeared. When I tried to walk forward that afternoon, my right leg stepped in a hole, due to the aching in my hipbone. The aching, however, disappeared right away when the hipbone on the right side vertebra popped. Seven days later, my left foot stepped in a small hole and the hipbone moved, causing a lot of pain. But it disappeared again after a popping sound was heard. I felt more comfortable even than before.

The two dislocated ribs caused a lot of pain in my chest. When I shook my body to test the ribs, the pain disappeared after a sound was heard. More than ten days later, all of my ribs went back to their original places. I also could do housework. Everything was recovered to its original state. I am a person of more than 60 years of age, but I recovered so fast without any treatment. It is all because of Teacher. I cannot express my gratitude with words toward Teacher's compassion.