Below are various means used by staff members of the Masanjia Labor Camp in their attempt to brainwash Dafa practitioners.

1. All Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned in Masanjia Labor Camp are locked away from the rest of the world with two guards watching them. No one is allowed to meet with other practitioners, and they frequently suffer from sleep deprivation. People will take turns trying to brainwash the practitioners every few days, slandering Teacher with dirty and evil words.

2. Since late November 2002, Masanjia has invited people who have been brainwashed from the Fushun Labor Camp. A man whose surname is "Lin" came and organized an "Education Team." Along with other police, they would call practitioners who are steadfast into a special room one after another. The room was full of different pieces of torture equipment, and they put Master's photo and the Dafa books on the floor by the door and try to force practitioners who are coming into the room to step onto them and curse Master. If the practitioner refuses to do as they order, a few people will come up and kick the practitioner onto the floor. They then proceed to beat and shock the practitioner with electric batons, and even pour cold water onto the practitioner to wake them up if they happen to faint during the beatings. The "interrogation" continues after they wake up. After a few rounds of this, some practitioners could not take it any more, some even agreed to the police's demands while in a disoriented state of mind.

3. Steadfast practitioners are hung up for long periods of time. A practitioner whose name is Huang Guifen had her arm fractured while she was hung up. It has been more then half a year since and she still cannot recover.

4. The police make practitioners sit for more than 10 hours with their legs crossed on top of each other while tying their arms up, meanwhile not allowing them to eat lunch. This is done everyday as an attempt to make practitioners give up their cultivation.

5. In December, the weather is very cold. The police take practitioners to places where nobody can see and strip them of their cotton jackets, leaving practitioners to wear only a thin shirt. The practitioners freeze while the people watching them are warm. The people change shifts every 2 hours until the practitioners' bodies are completely frozen. When practitioners are sent back to the room, they barely have a breath left while their nose is running and are unable to open their mouth to speak. The people in charge dare not reveal the truth and keep such acts secret. These acts continue each day.

6. Steadfast practitioners are not allowed to sleep, and are made to squat 24 hours a day.

7. The materials produced there are toxic. People choke whenever they walk into the warehouse, but they lock steadfast practitioners into the warehouse for years at a time. The police are scared that their acts will be exposed, so they even lock the doors and windows during summer. In addition, they loudly play tapes that slander Dafa 24 hours a day.

8. Some practitioners were locked in the toilet used by the head police all year long. When there are lots of practitioners, the corridors were filled with locked up steadfast practitioners as well. Practitioners were forced to eat and live in those places while being watched by 2 guards and deprived of sleep. The water dungeon is also a secret place used to persecute Dafa practitioners. Normally no one goes there and no one knows that they are locked in there.