December 26, 2003

( The First Court of Longtan District in Jilin City, Jilin Province planned to bring Dafa disciple Wang Guihua to trial. After this was exposed on the Internet, practitioners both inside China and overseas joined together to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution. The court officials became very frightened. They thus held the trial ahead of the scheduled time, and finished it in a hurry.

The First Court of Longtan District originally planned to bring Dafa disciple Wang Guihua to a show trial at 9 a.m. on December 25. After this was exposed to the world over the Internet, practitioners overseas made many phone calls to clarify the truth on a broad scale. Wang Guihua's family members also went to related government officers, and strongly requested the immediate release of Ms. Wang, since she was innocent. Local practitioners also took many opportunities to expose the evil to the local community. The unlawful prosecutors and officers were very frightened by these activities. On the one hand, they were afraid that more people in the local community would learn the fact of Falun Gong and the persecution; on the other hand, they still wanted to make their illegal actions appear justified. So, they decided to change the previously scheduled court time from 9 a.m. to 7 a.m., while still announcing that the trial would start at 9 a.m.

At 9 a.m. on December 25, when Wang Guihua's family members and relatives came to the hearing, they found out that the court was already dismissed. When the family members asked court officials why they did not begin the court as scheduled, they were told the trial had already been completed. It was said that, in order to cover up the truth, the trial began secretly at a little past 7 a.m., and Wang Guihua was not allowed to state the facts of her case. On the way to the court, Ms. Wang Guihua spoke out loud, saying, "Falun Dafa is good." Ms. Wang also sternly opposed the charges forced on her, and requested an appeal. The judge was unable to say anything nor dared to look directly at Wang Guihua, but instead kept his eyes half-closed. The court was finished in a hurry. After Ms. Wang came out of the court, she continued to say out loud, "Falun Dafa is good." The unlawful officers were afraid that people would come to know the truth, so they immediately dragged her into a waiting car and left.

At that time, many plainclothes policemen were stationed throughout the area, even including some posing as taxi drivers. They closely inspected people who came to the court. Even Ms. Wang's family members were unable to enter on time. The witness who gave statements against Ms. Wang was Wu Qiuhua, a Residential Director in the 13th Division of Tiedong, Longtan District, Jilin City. It was she who led Wang Wei, a policeman from Tiedong Police Station, to abduct Ms. Wang and rob her of valuables amounting to more than 4,000 yuan [500 yuan is equal to the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China]. A judge with the last name of Wu was in charge of Ms. Wang's trial. Ms. Wang is now detained in the Jilin Detention Center.

Related phone numbers: (To call these numbers, please add county code 86 in front of them.)

The Party Committee of Jilin City Government
Address: 86 Beijing Road, Jilin 132084
Operator: 432-2010113, 432-2010114.
Officer on duty: 432-2010200, 432-2010249, 432-2010201

Disciplinary Committee and Monitoring Bureau of Jilin City
Address:105 Beijing Road, Jilin 132084.
General information of the Disciplinary Committee: 432-2067745, 432-2062231.
Administration: 432-2062170.
Finance: 432-2021890.
Secretary: 432-2061501, 432-2027261.
Fax: 432-2061226.
Transportation: 432-2063830.
General monitoring: 432-2061752, 432-2063157.
Investigation: 432-2062975.
Propaganda: 432-2062379, 432-2063976.
Office of the Party's Style/Image: 432-2061735, 432-2026726.
Office of Correcting Party's Style/Image: 432-2060489, 432-2063016.
Appeal: 432-2062385.
Hotline: 432-2030018.
Law enforcement: 432-2065730, 432-2032862.
Soft Environment: 432-2061720.
Judicial Case Archives: 432-2032861, 432-2062512.
Disciplinary Monitoring I: 432-2065630, 432-2065176.
Disciplinary Monitoring II: 432-2066042, 432-2060853.
Judicial Case Processing: 432-2061072, 432-2062498.
Officer Administration: 432-2061270, 432-2062570.
Party Committee: 432-2062739.

Political and Judicial Committee of Jilin City
Address: 86 Beijing Road, Jilin 132084.
Office: 432-2010465, 432-2026154.
Secretary: 432-2010458.
Political and Judicial Division: 432-2010451.
Law Enforcement Monitoring: 432-201045.
Center for Appealing: 432-2010456.
General Human Resources: 432-2010476.
General Management: 432-2010439, 432-2010457.
Division of Officers: 432-2010355, 432-2010451.
Disciplinary monitoring: 432-2010256.
The Party's Secretary General: 432-2010583.
Drivers' Center: 432-2010360.

The Appeal Center for Jilin City Government
Address: 65 Songjiang Road, Jilin 132002.
Office of the Director: 432-2026220, 432-2026221.
Division for Visitors: 432-2027074, 432-2027075.
Division of Mail: 432-2023994.
General Office of Human Resources: 432-2025619.
Division of Secretary: 432-2049647.
Party Committee: 432-2022119.

The Government of Jilin City
Address: 65 Songjiang Road, Jilin 132002.
Operator: 432-2048114.
Officer on Duty: 432-2023407.
Office of the Mayor: 432-2026644.
Secretarial Division: 432-2025315.
General Division: 432-2048668, 432-2048993, 432-2048662.
Division of Files: 432-2048660.
Information Division: 432-2048639.
Division of Resolution: 432-2048665.
Division of Monitoring: 432-2048992.
Office of Hiring: 432-2048615.
Division for Automation: 432-2048642.
Administrative Division: 432-2048501.
Division for Housing: 432-2048638.

Financial Division: 432-2048703.
Security Division: 432-2024976.
Division for Senior Officers: 432-2048658.
Division of Human Resources: 432-2048628.
The Party Committee: 432-2048610.
Office for Military Recruitment: 432-2453426.
Welcoming Vehicle Division: 432-2448816, 432-2449989.

National Security Bureau of Jilin City
Zip code: 132000.
Phone: 432-2503114.

The Hotline for the Governor: 0431-118.

The Hotline for the Mayor of Jilin City: 0432-12345.

Jilin City Mayor's Office
Gang Zhanbiao, Mayor: 432-2010695 (Office), 13843200066 (Cell).
Jiang Shujun, Deputy Mayor: 432-2083676 (Office), 432-2089123 (Home), 13904401913 (Cell).
Liu Ping, Assistant Mayor: 432-2053499 (Office), 432-4838666 (Home), 432-13904425218 (Cell).
Cai Yuhe, Assistant Mayor: 432-2057123 (Office), 432-4853678 (Home), 13704318288 (Cell).
Xiao Wanmin, Assistant Mayor: 432-2022374 (Office), 432-2012128 (Home), 13904403505 (Cell).
Qin Fuyi, Assistant Mayor: 432-2022769 (Office), 432-2160114 ext. (Home), 13904402788 (Cell).
Yu Guohua, Assistant Mayor: 432-2052555 (Office), 432-2044999 (Home), 13704442999 (Cell).
Fan Zhongli, Assistant to the Mayor: 432-4798096 (Office), 432-2083958 (Home), 13804408368 (Cell).
Cui Shengli, Secretary General: 432-2057055 (Office), 432-2029327 (Home), 13804411808 (Cell).
Zheng Wenbin: 432-2053155 (Office), 432-4872755 (Home), 13604468666 (Cell).

Chen Fuchun, Assistant Secretary General of Jilin City Political and Judicial Committee, also the Director of the "610 Office" in Jilin City: 432-2010609 (Office), 2010610 (Home), 13079789909 (Cell) [Note: the "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems].

The Police Department in Jilin City
Phone: 432-2409221.
Hotline for the Director: 432-2409110, 432-2488110, 432-2455848.
Judicial Division: 432-2409004.

The Middle Level Court of Jilin City
Operator: 432-2489089.
Office: 432-2489031, 432-2489078.

The Procuratorate of Jilin City
Operator: 432-4672888.
Phone number lookup: 432-4672888-114.
Officer on Duty: 432-4672888-5106.

The Police Department of Longtan District in Jilin City
Office of the Director: 432-3037105.
Office of the Political Head: 432-3039351.
Office of the Assistant Director: 432-3039860, 432-3039853.
Division of the Political Security: 432-3039385.
The Political Division: 432-3039647.
Office: 432-3039658.
Criminal Division: 432-3038715.
Division of Pre-hearing: 432-3038390.
Division of Patrol: 432-3039507.

Tiedong Police Station
Phone: 432-3093726.

The Procuratorate of Longtan District
Director: 432-3036106.
Assistant Director: 432-3036108, 432-3036103.
Offices: 432-3036109.

The Court of Longtan District
Office of the Director: 432-3996088.
Office of the Assistant Director: 432-3990431, 432-3990432, 432-3990433, 432-3990465.
The Court I for Civil Affairs: 432-3990436.
The Court II for Civil Affairs: 432-3990437.
The Criminal Court: 432-3990435.
The Prosecution Court: 432-3990439.
The Hearing and Detaining Court: 432-3977524.
Offices: 432-3990430.
Guards: 432-3990467.

Primary Responsible People:

Shan Jianguo, Director of the Investigation Division I, Criminal Division of the Longtan Police Department of Jilin City.
Yan Fuyuan, Director of the Public Prosecution Division II, the Procuratorate of Longtan Disctrict.
The Criminal Court of Longtan District, Judge Luan He; Wu, Assistant Judge and the Person-in-Charge for this case; Gong Qi, The Primary Responsible Person for the Court.