(4) A Traffic Policeman Who Understands the Truth

At the boundary between the city and the province, there is a crossroad that is attended by many traffic policemen. Yan Sheng often passes this crossroad. He thinks often about explaining to the traffic police the facts about Falun Gong.

One time, Yan Sheng utilized the method of asking for help from the traffic police as a way to strike up a conversation. He used this opportunity to take some truth clarification materials from his bag and pass them to the traffic police, saying: "I am illiterate. Someone passed these to me just now. Would you please read them for me?" A number of the police saw that they were Falun Gong flyers and took them aside to read.

From then on, Yan Sheng became familiar with the police. They seemed to know that Yan Sheng was a Dafa practitioner and often jokingly asked Yan Sheng, "Do you have any new materials?"

One day, when Yan Sheng was passing through the crossroad, a traffic policeman playfully took a pile of truth clarification flyers from Yan Sheng's bag. Yan Sheng wanted them back but the policeman refused, saying, "You have so many. When can you distribute them all? Let me assist you!" Yan Sheng thought he was joking and said, "You can distribute them? Please return them to me immediately!" When the traffic police heard that, he said, "Watch me!" The policeman then stood at the junction and made all the cyclists disembark, saying, "Here is one for each of you. These are the truth, so hold on to them." When the people saw that they were Falun Gong flyers, they all rushed forward to take them. In a short time the people on the road had taken every one of the flyers.

Because Yan Sheng often goes from place to place, he has become familiar with the police officers at the police stations, and they often tell Yan Sheng, "Distribute more!"

Yan Sheng realized that more and more people in the world now understand the truth about Falun Dafa.

(5) Teacher's Ingenious Arrangement to Save Predestined People

One day, Yan Sheng had many CDs in his bag while he was out on the road. Each CD was a special life form with a special duty. They were utilized by Yan Sheng to enable more sentient beings to be saved. As Yan Sheng was traveling on his tricycle, it appeared that the small CD's in the bag could no longer contain themselves and all fell out of the bag and scattered all over the road. Yan Sheng quickly stopped and got down from the tricycle to pick them up. He was baffled, as the bag was not torn. How did the CDs fall from the bag? As he was picking up the CDs, a person came from behind to see what Yan Sheng was picking up. When Yan Sheng saw that people were coming up to help, he realized that it must be Teacher's arrangement! Yan Sheng pointed to the CDs and told the onlookers, "These are good CDs! What is said in them are good things. Good people who view them will be rewarded with good fortune. Would you like one?" When one person heard it, he immediately took one. At that instant, many other people also came forward, all stopping where Yan Sheng stood. Seeing Yan Sheng giving one person a CD, they all asked Yan Sheng for the same: "Give us one!" "Give me one!" Yan Sheng noticed that the sentient beings understood and were thirsting for the truth. They were impatiently longing for it.

(6) Sincere Advice for a Policeman

A policeman discovered a flyer that Yan Sheng had pasted with glue that had not yet dried. He followed the trail of flyers and tore them down as he went. Yan Sheng was riding his tricycle as he pasted the flyers along the way. When he looked back, he saw the policeman tearing down the flyers at a distance. Yan Sheng turned around and went back to continue pasting flyers where the policeman had torn them down. After a while, the policeman realized that the flyers he tore down were being replaced. At that instant, Yan Sheng stopped and waited for him at the intersection. He thought: "I must speak to him and offer him salvation and not let him continue doing that." In a short time, the policeman arrived at the intersection. He immediately approached Yan Sheng and asked, "Did you see the person riding the tricycle? He was just pasting the Falun Gong flyers." Yan Sheng quick-wittedly answered, "I have not seen any other person on a tricycle pasting flyers, but I have seen the one that you said was pasting flyers. I have heard people say that to read the flyers is a good thing, as it brings good fortune and rewards and that the one who tears them down will face retribution! You mentioned that you tore them down. What good is it for you?" When the policeman heard Yan Sheng say that, he muttered to himself: "Yes, why do I tear them down? I will mind my own business and not be bothered with them in future."