Tolerance is having a broad mind, a great capacity to accommodate everything, a profound wisdom to see through everything and an ineffable realm of righteous and virtuous enlightenment.

In the eyes of enlightened beings, tolerance is an instinct, a nature. If there were only one person living in this vast universe, their existence would be bland. Only together with all other beings, will a life experience the joy and meaning of its existence.

Although we still have a lot of attachments and human notions that have not been eliminated in cultivation, this cannot be used as an excuse to abandon ourselves to them. Dafa requires us to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism, so we should be very strict with ourselves. As for our fellow practitioners, provided they are still cultivating, we should treat them as "fellow practitioners" no matter whether they cultivate well or not. We should respect others' opinions, treasure others and believe in others. This requires us to maintain our "one body" well together, especially when the environment is so complicated at this time.

The state of tolerance is attained through cultivation. It doesn't matter if others understand or not, but it is essential that we ourselves stick to the Fa. What every enlightened being has enlightened to is different from others, so it is impossible to get them to conform to each other. For example, in doing something, different people have different approaches. Thus the universe can be so rich and varied.

The mind of understanding, the heart of tolerance, and the realm of treasuring others are the direct reflection of our Xinxing (mind nature). Every cultivator should be responsible to himself and herself. What will we get if we don't want to tolerate and treasure others? Only if we do everything with such a tolerant heart and really treasure other people, will our own existence become meaningful. Only if we tolerate others, will we able to return to the forever-beautiful and forever-lasting new cosmos.